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There are some houseplants you can grow and eat!

Posted at 2:12 PM, Jan 13, 2020

Beuna Tomoalino says there are some edible plants that can be grown as houseplants.

She joined us with a few tips about caring for houseplants that are just for beauty (and not eating) and edible houseplants as well.

Pot Size: If re-potting, pot should be 2" larger in diameter

Drainage: Pot should have holes for water to drain

Soil: Use potting soil - not garden soil

Watering: Don't water on a schedule.  Check soil moisture regularly, water as needed.

Placement: Keep away from heat/ cold vents, windows, or doors.

Pest Control: Spray off twice per year with water to control dust and pests.  Be sure to spray under leaves.

You can find her at her store, Basil and Rose, at 2110 Orchard Drive in Bountiful.

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