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Instructions to make a geometric hanging wood shelf with a BOHO twist

Posted at 2:14 PM, Jan 14, 2020

Julia DeLeeuw with House of Pixel Dust says making your own hanging wood shelf is easier than you think.

She says the geometric shelves can be made in so many different ways.  You can add tassels, beading or stain and paint your wood all sorts of colors to match any decor and style.

She joined us with the instructions:

1x8 board cut at 7.5 inches
3 yards of black twine rope
Gold loop
Geometric beads 4- optional

chop saw
sandpaper or sand brick

1. Cut your 1x8 board at 7.5 inches or have it cut at your local hardware/lumber store
2. Drill a hole in each corner of your square board that is big enough to thread your string through.
3. Sand any rough edges off
4. Cut your 3 yards of string in half and make two 1.5 yard string. Fold in half and make a cow hitch loop around the gold ring. You should have four strings, each string for a corner of the shelf.

5. Add your beads if you want.
6. string the twine through the board holes and tie a loose knot on the bottom side to secure sting. Repeat for each hole. Once all the holes are stringed, you can adjust the leveling of the shelf by adjusting the knots or the cow hitch and loop on top until you have it the way you want.

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