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Salt Lake County Council hears public comment on Olympia Hills

Posted at 9:55 PM, Jan 14, 2020

SALT LAKE COUNTY — The Salt Lake County Council is once again considering a rezoning proposal that would allow a large development to move forward.

The Olympia Hills development would build more than 6,000 homes on roughly 900 acres of land west of Herriman.

A recent traffic study found that by the year 2042, it would be responsible for thousands of additional cars on Utah’s roads.

Residents who are opposed to the project believe it would add to traffic.

“This impacts everyone in the valley,” said one resident of the county who addressed the council. “It is gridlocked trying to drive east and west, and frankly, north and south.”

Another person added, “ We are always going to be behind the curve. We need commitments from the state of Utah to address the bigger picture of traffic issues.”

But the developer argued the size of the project will help plan for any needed infrastructure improvements.

“We call ourselves Daybreak on steroids because we had the advantage of master planning experience,” said Bruce Baird, an attorney for the development. “This is the most thoroughly researched, thoroughly vetted, thoroughly considered — thousands and thousands and thousands of pages of analysis, economic analysis and traffic analysis.”

One man voiced his support of the development, calling it a "gift" as Utah faces a housing shortage.

A second public comment session is scheduled for Tuesday, January 28 at Copper Mountain Middle School in Herriman.

A vote by the council is not yet on an agenda.