A house divided: Couple holds prank war leading up to NFC Championship

Posted at 11:07 PM, Jan 17, 2020

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) — For Tommy and Jyll Everman, the week leading up to the Packers and 49ers face-off in the NFC Championship game is full of hijinks.

The pair own downtown venue Gather on Broadway and share a tradition of prank wars when Green Bay plays San Francisco.

Jyll loves the Packers, and Tommy loves the 49ers, and their prank wars began years ago when they lived in California.

“It was just me trying to find silly things to do,” Tommy said.

“It escalated quickly,” Jyll added.

Now that the couple has relocated to Green Bay, the escalation continues.

“Being in Green Bay, it’s no joke,” Tommy said. “Now she’s like leveraging the whole town.”

So far this week, Jyll has gotten a local florist to create a special arrangement named for Tommy, replaced his normal jacket with a Green Bay Packers one, and put his glasses in a green and gold jello mold.

Tommy has changed Jyll’s phone lock screen to the 49er’s logo, changed her ringtone to a 49er’s fight song, and surprised her with a unicorn bearing a 49er’s balloon, among other pranks.

Despite the rivalry, the two root for the other’s team when they’re not playing each other, which is easy for Tommy now that they live in Titletown.

“I think my husband was floored by the love for the Packers here,” Jyll said, “because he always knew about it and heard about it, but I think that you’re just like continuously impressed.”

Tommy added, “It’s awesome.”

The pranks will continue until Sunday’s game.

“It’s a terrifying week. It’s stressful. We’re very tired,” Jyll laughed.

Both of the Evermans have strong feelings about the outcome of the NFC Championship game.

“It should be a good game, but I still say Niners by at least nine points,” Tommy said as his wife scoffed.

Whoever ends up being right, one thing is certain: “I think it’s super cool that no matter what happens, we win, they win, whatever, one of us is going to the Super Bowl,” Tommy said, “and I think that’s exciting.”

Either way, they’re looking forward to a fun Super Bowl party in a couple of weeks.

UPDATE: The prank wars continue to escalate for Tommy and Jyll Everman.

Friday morning, Jyll surprised Tommy by switching out his car for a small vehicle decked out in green and gold.

“I had a bunch of smaller pranks planned but we always kind of lead up to bigger pranks toward the end of the week,” Jyll told WFRV. “So I probably peaked a little early. This probably should have been my Sunday one but I just couldn’t wait because I was too excited, so I ended up doing a big one on Friday!”

There is no word yet on what Tommy has in the works for his rebuttal.