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New mamas are trading hospital gowns for luxury labor gowns

Posted at 2:18 PM, Jan 17, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-17 16:18:19-05

Studies show that a woman's experience in childbirth can affect the bond she has with her baby, her body image and he own self-esteem.

Utah sisters April Millar and Aleena Hill decided they needed to get mamas out of the hospital gown that represents illness and the need for medical treatment, and into a beautiful gown that would empower her own confidence in herself and function well with her body's abilities to birth.

Together they created 'Dear Darby', a brand new line of luxury gowns that help women feel beautiful and confident while they labor and birth their babies.

The 'Dear Darby' gown is used any way a woman wants to give birth; natural, epidural, c-section, skin to skin, nursing, water birth, postpartum, the options are limitless.

With snaps women have access to their belly's for monitors. They are two pieces; a flattering top perfect for skin to skin and nursing, and a skirt which allows for the least amount of exposure yet is easily removable for the birth or if the mom wants to labor in water. They have built in bras for extra support and comfort. The entire gown is made from moisture wicked fabric for quick drying and is machine washable! So even if it gets messy it`s easy to clean up.

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