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‘Republicans for the Rule of Law’ sponsor impeachment trial billboards and TV ads

Posted at 8:58 AM, Jan 21, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-21 10:58:59-05

WASHINGTON — A group that calls itself “Republicans for the Rule of Law” has launched a $1 million campaign to promote a fair Senate impeachment trial for President Donald Trump.

The group is sponsoring digital billboards in several states, including Utah.

In Salt Lake City, the billboard is currently live on I-15 near 3900 South and will run for at least the next two weeks.

Bill Kristol, Director of Republicans for the rule of Law released the following statement:

The Constitution charges the Senate with “the sole Power to try all impeachments.” But the Senate can’t try an impeachment without a trial, and there’s no such thing as a trial without evidence.

New documents about the president’s back channel in Ukraine continue to come out. The full story has yet to be told. For the Senate to reach a fair verdict and for the American people to get to the truth, it’s vital that all the facts come out. We commend Sens. Romney, Collins, and any others who will join them in insisting on rules for a full and fair trial that would allow both sides to call witnesses and would allow for necessary documents to be produced.

The group has also produced a television commercial that will air in Utah as well Arizona, Colorado, Tennessee, Maine and Alaska.

You can watch the video below: