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BYU students may have found a way to end period pain

Posted at 2:49 PM, Jan 22, 2020

What started as a class project for a group of women at BYU, has turned into a solution for women everywhere -- the possible end to period pain!

Taimi, Abby and Zoia are known as The Girls… the period girls.

Once a month, every month, they'll deliver a white box to you.  But, unlike women’s other monthly visitor, these girls are trying to make you feel better.

They've invented a  band made of soft nylon material that provides compression; a silicon-type strip is secured along the top to prevent slipping. The band is meant to be secured at your natural waist, then the ‘hot stuff,’ thin heat pouches, can be added to the pockets to target pain -- Think of it like a hand warmer, but it is thinner (just 4mm thick), gets hotter and lasts longer (between 6-10 hours).

The item is so thin, it can be worn under clothing undetected.

After the ‘hot stuff’ loses its heat, they can be thrown away with the garbage. Subscribers will then receive a monthly package, replenishing their heat supply for about ten dollars.

The product started when the three met as strangers, and were paired together for a project in an entrepreneurship class at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah.  They were asked to find a solution to a pain for a specific audience, and they say they were all passionate about women.

After conducting a series of interviews, they said they realized women wanted a solution to cramp pain.

Following many failed prototypes, The Girls Band was born.   Since the project’s inception, The Girls have won three collegiate competitions, including 1st Place in the International Business Model Competition.  In all they've received almost almost 45-thousand dollars in prize money (about half of which has been used to bring the product to market).

The girls recently opened sales on their online platform and have a patent pending. They said they will graduate from BYU in April and keep their company going -- hopefully, one day giving back to women in need of feminine hygiene products in developing and third world countries.

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