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Student found loaded gun while walking to school in Ogden

Posted at 11:36 AM, Jan 22, 2020

OGDEN, Utah — Ogden Police recovered a loaded weapon Wednesday morning after a student spotted it walking to school.

According to Jer Bates, Director of Communications for the Ogden School District, the student spotted the gun on the ground outside of Odyssey Elementary which is located on Goddard Street.

The student did not touch the weapon and immediately notified the first parent he saw, Bates said.

The parent contacted Ogden City Police and stayed on scene to help ensure student safety and answer questions.

Officers secured the weapon and determined it was loaded.

Police swept the school and verified there was no active threat to students or any intent to cause harm.

Bates commended the student and the parent for their awareness and vigilant dedication to school safety, and said their actions helped protect themselves and all others at the school.

Bates said part of the district’s continual safety training is to remind students and staff that if they see something to say something.

Investigators are trying to determine who owns the gun and how it ended up by the school.