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Tax referendum supporters react to repeal plan

Posted at 6:49 PM, Jan 23, 2020

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah - With Thursday's announcement that the Utah Legislature will repeal the controversial tax bill, many of those at work on the opposing referendum rejoiced.

While their efforts will now be voided, those who volunteered on this referendum are being credited with the big win.

Michele Rivera, a volunteer who spent countless hours on the referendum told FOX 13 "so it really goes to show that when the community comes together the legislature has to listen to what we say."

She also told us that she spent countless hours, even taking time off of work, to make a difference.

Organizers of the referendum like Fred Cox, former state representative and sponsor of the referendum, told us they are very grateful too.

We had thousands of volunteers spend weeks in some cases much more than full-time of their own time." Cox told FOX 13.

But referendum supporters aren't celebrating yet, most of them worried the legislature may change their minds yet again.

"We're just hoping there is no bill that comes along," Rivera said, "a substitution bill that does the same thing in a different format."

Above all those in support of the referendum are saying they are just glad their voices were heard.