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Glitter doesn’t have to be messy if you use it the right way

Posted at 2:10 PM, Jan 27, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-27 16:10:31-05

Hilary Gingell, owner of 'Just one Elle' says you don't have to avoid crafts that use glitter.  It doesn't have to be messy if you use it the right way.

So, what's the right way?  Hilary says just mix glitter with Elmer's Glue to create a thick paste.  Once it dries, it will be sparkly and beautiful, but it won't flake off everywhere.

Hilary also shared some other crafting tips.  She suggests to look for pieces that can be interchangeable so you can switch them out for each season or holiday.  Also, Hilary says to look for something that might be reversible, so you can use the back side of it for a different holiday.  That will create less stuff to store!

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