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Tooele and Stansbury High Schools Help Community Heal

Posted at 10:06 PM, Jan 29, 2020

TOOELE, Utah — Students at rival high schools put aside their differences to help the community heal.

Fans of Tooele and Stansbury high schools ditched their own colors for Wednesday’s rivalry game and instead wore red, the color of Grantsville High School.

The gesture was a show of support for a Grantsville community still grieving after four members of the Haynie were killed in a shooting earlier this month.

The idea was born in a meeting of Tooele High School’s student council.

“We were actually thinking of different ways we could show support for Grantsville,” said Braxton Chavez, the student body president of Tooele High.

The student council of Stansbury High jumped on board and the students also decided to hold a fundraiser called the “Miracle Minute.”

“We just collect as much money as we can,” said Lucy Jones, the student body president of Stansbury High.

During halftime of the game, jars were passed around the bleachers for people to donate to support the Haynie family.

“It can help people a lot just showing them we are not alone in this,” said Carsen Cooper, a senior at Stansbury High.

The schools combined to raise $2000 for the Haynie family.