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Potential problems with air bags and what you need to know

Posted at 5:23 PM, Jan 30, 2020

Airbags are in place in our vehicles to protect us, though sometimes they don't. Craig Swapp took us through potential dangers we face with our airbags and how we can protect ourselves for the future.

Airbags inflate immediately as the vehicle senses at impact from an accident and begin to deflate as soon as the driver or a passenger’s head or body makes contact with them. This design allows airbags to use the energy from a car accident to protect those inside the vehicle, to prevent whiplash off of the airbag.

Takata airbags have had multiple recalls. According to estimates from the NHTSA, as of December 2019, an incredible 65-70 million vehicles have been recalled. Nationwide recalls began in late 2014 and have continued with more vehicles being recalled through 2019.

If the airbags have long-term exposure to high heat and humidity, they can cause these Takata airbags to explode when deployed. As we explained earlier, airbags deploy as soon as the car senses an impact from an accident.

Faulty Takata airbags were used by nearly all carmakers. The recalls affect models from 2000-2017. That doesn’t mean every single vehicle made in that period has the faulty airbags, but if your vehicle year falls in that time, it’s worth checking out.

The best way to check if your vehicle has been affected visit: and enter your vehicle’s VIN.