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7 little luxuries that will elevate your kitchen’s appeal

7 little luxuries that will elevate your kitchen’s appeal
Posted at 4:30 AM, Feb 23, 2023

While we’d all probably love to cook and eat in the kitchen of our dreams, a complete kitchen overhaul is definitely not a money-saving venture. The good news is that you can still enhance the feel of your kitchen without needing costly renovations or digging into savings.

Before you start, first things first — clear up the clutter! Tidying up and hiding your small appliances will not only make your kitchen look cleaner, but it can also provide more counter space to work with. When possible, keep small appliances hidden in a cabinet near where you’d most likely use them. This helps make the prep process smoother.


Here’s how you can amplify your look for much less.

Freshen Up With Flowers

A beautiful bouquet makes any room look, feel and smell nicer. Store your fresh stems in a glass vase, pitcher or mason jar and remember to change out the water every few days to make your blooms last as long as possible.

Get A Bread Slicer

If you’re a bread-making aficionado, you’re going to want to pick up the best bread slicer to have on hand. Say goodbye to amateur-looking slices, as the best bread slicers help you achieve even, consistent slices. You’ll still want to use a good knife with this handy tool.


If you’re in the market for one, check out our selection of the best bread slicers that’s been vetted by our team of experts.

Try DIY Cabinet Organizers

No matter how nice your kitchen looks, if you have company over and items spill out of your cabinets after opening them, it’s going to ruin the appeal. Take advantage of larger cabinets and install organizing systems that can contain all of your household needs. Under the kitchen sink is an often underutilized space that can be transformed to hold cleaning supplies.

Add Artwork

Use art to elevate your kitchen the same as you would any other room in your house—just be mindful of where you place it. Any pieces that aren’t framed in glass are subject to occasional splatters and you don’t want anything too close to the sink or your stovetop’s backsplash.

Use The Tray Trick

Trays are multifunctional items that can serve as the base for a centerpiece, a breadboard or an actual tray. Use them in your kitchen to create vignettes where you can display candles, fresh flower bouquets or cocktail items.Small trays can be used to corral just about anything and help keep the space feeling clean and organized.


Upgrade Serving And Cutting Boards

If your cutting board is looking a little worse for wear, consider upgrading it to a new one that will hold two purposes—one for prepping and one for serving. A nice cutting board can elevate the atmosphere, especially if you have a good set of complementary serving utensils.

Brighten It Up With A Lamp

Accent countertop lighting adds an instant dash of glam and can create a moonlighting vibe in the evening. Task lamps are typically small enough to place anywhere and can heighten the presentation of items while serving.

What is your kitchen like? Could you benefit from any of these seven ideas to help enhance its design?

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