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8-year-old dies in Kaysville holiday parade accident

Posted at 11:54 AM, Jul 04, 2022

KAYSVILLE, Utah — The community in Kaysville remains in shock after an 8-year-old girl was killed in an accident during the town's annual Fourth of July parade.

Macie Hill was performing with the Patriot Cheer team when she was hit by a Hummer vehicle that was with the group. The parade was immediately called off and those in attendance were asked to go home.

A GoFundMe page created to raise funds for Hill's funeral and other expenses said she was the youngest of four children.

"She loved cheering and Macie passed away doing what she loved, being with her team," a note on the page read.

Police would not confirm Hill's death.

Unfortunately, it’ll be a Fourth that many in the community will now associate with tragedy.

“I don’t think people understood the seriousness of the situation at first," said Shawna Dennis, who attended the parade.

Dennis and her family were positioned near the Kaysville fire station on Main Street watching the parade as they do every year.

“Immediately, like, I’m in shock, it was horrific, I’ve never seen anything like that in my life," Dennis described.

She says she witnessed Hill, who was in the parade, get run over by a yellow Hummer.

“I glared up and I see a little girl that was laying on the ground in that little dance company, and the trailer, the back trailer, just ran over the top of her," Dennis said.

Shawna then grabbed her own children so they wouldn’t see the incident unfold.

“I heard a woman screaming at the driver, 'Stop, stop, stop, you just ran over one of your girls!'”

Dennis said that emergency responders were on scene within seconds and Hill was carried away to the fire station nearby.

“This is a truly tragic event," said Kaysville Ofc. Lexi Benson. "You know, this is a day to celebrate and celebrate families a day that’s supposed to be fun, and it’s turned into something that’s been really sad and our hearts not only go out to the victim's family, but everybody that witnessed what happened.”

Kaysville police haven’t elaborated on specifics of how the incident unfolded, but Hill was rushed to an area hospital and the parade was canceled immediately.

Those close to the Hill family offered their gratitude to those who came to Macie's aid.

"The family would like to express their thanks to all of the first responders and members of the community who jumped in to help Macie," the GoFundMe page said. "They would also like to thank the compassionate staff at Layton Parkway Hospital for the tender care they provided to Macie and to her family in the most devastating of circumstances."