Census 2020

Census Day is April 1st and it’s important that everyone be represented in Utah. The way to do that is by taking the census. Be counted now and make your voice heard, it impacts more than you think. Sign up and we’ll send you a reminder to take the census after it becomes available on March 12th.

What is the 2020 Census and why is it important to me?

The census plays a part in every day for Utahns from education and roads to healthcare and politics. The outcome of the census can determine electoral representation down to the local level, including school boards and city councils. Infrastructure decisions and funding, from road repairs to transit development, use information based on census counts. Public safety uses these numbers to guide decisions about service areas, fire stations, police precincts and hospitals. The census impacts every part of life in Utah, so be counted because you matter.

Utah has an estimated 3.21 million people
The amount of federal funding Utah receives for healthcare, education and transportation is dependent on census participation. In recent years, that funding accounted for 28% of the state budget.