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Farmington couple supports others after suffering devastating loss

Posted at 10:09 AM, Aug 09, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-09 12:42:18-04

FARMINGTON, Utah — Jen Rader and her husband Matt were thrilled to welcome another baby girl to their growing family.

“They called and said genetic testing came back and everything looks great. You guys are going to have a healthy, beautiful baby girl,” said Matt Rader, Jen’s husband. “As you can imagine we were extremely happy.”

But during an ultrasound weeks later, Jen’s pregnancy took a troubling turn.

“They told us she had a heart defect, she had a brain defect, and she was measuring at 1% of what a baby should be. And they couldn’t find some of her organs.”

The Rader’s baby, named Josie, had been diagnosed with Trisomy 9 Mosaicism, and extremely rare genetic disorder.

“What they told us was one of a hundred cases ever.”

Josie’s outlook wasn’t good, but Jen chose to keep carrying the baby, even taking a family trip to Disneyland.

“We knew she was never going to experience Disneyland but we wanted her to, so she did it with us,” recounted Matt.

Then around Thanksgiving of 2021, Jen woke up, felt something was wrong and went to the hospital.

Sadly, the couple got bad news.

“We lost the heartbeat three hours before she ended up delivering.”

The family was devastated. But through her grief, Jen found a new purpose.

She created Josie’s Angels, a program to donated small, beaded angels to hospitals… hoping to provide a small token of support to those who’ve lost someone.

The FOX 13 Dream Team arrived at the Rader’s home to show support for Jen, her family and her organization.

“We’re the Dream Team, and we’ve heard what you and family have been going through,” said FOX 13 News anchor Kelly Chapman.

“Thank you for the incredible difference you are making despite your heartbreaking loss,” added Sharlene Wells, from Mountain America Credit Union.

Jen Rader first received a $1,000 contribution to her organization, Josie’s Angels.

“My goal is to give a sense of peace and comfort to other mothers and families who are grieving,” said Jen Rader.

And when asked about infant loss and miscarriage, Jen opened up about her experience.

“Ultimately there’s so many people who this affects. And a lot of times people think it’s a taboo subject and it really shouldn’t be.”

Jen held up her own Josie’s Angels beads.

“I have mine in my car’s rear-view. She’s just always with me, and you know…her life matters. As short as it was, and it was only inside me, but her life matters.”

Because of the family’s grief and stress, The Dream Team wanted to give them something to look forward to.

Kelly Chapman presented Jen with a red envelope, “We wanted to bring a little happiness to your family, and on behalf of Mountain America Credit Union and Get Away Today we want to send you and your family to Disneyland!”

“Thank you so much! The last time we went I was pregnant, and I couldn’t enjoy it because we just found out that we wouldn’t be taking our baby home. This is incredible, thank you.”

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