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Music instructor hears sweet tune with Dream Team surprise

Posted at 11:45 AM, Sep 30, 2022
and last updated 2022-09-30 13:45:28-04

Angie Lee, an owner and music instructor at INVICTA Vox, was expecting a reporter from FOX 13 News to do a story on her business. What she didn’t know was that the FOX 13 Dream Team was standing by to surprise her with a well-deserved gift.

FOX 13 weekend anchor, Amy Nay came into the studio with a photographer and starting interviewing Angie, telling her it was for a news story.

“Why did you get into this and why did you start this studio?” asked Nay.

Angie answered, “We really want to help people who really want to do something with their music. I think the most fulfilling job you could ever have is helping someone realize their dream.”

“It sounds to me like you’ve overcome your own challenges.” said Amy.

“Yeah… so…. other than my family, the most important thing in my life is my music. Yeah, so, on June 1, 2021, I had a massive blood clot hit my cerebellum. And at the same time my left ear also went out. And all the nerves on the left side of my face just burn.”

Angie opened up about having a stroke, and how it impacted her balance, sight and hearing.

“The most devastating thing was I couldn’t hear. And I thought I’d never sing again,” she said.

The good news was that after lots of work and help from medical professionals, Angie was able to regain some abilities she lost after her stroke.

“I am determined that I will make a full recovery, and that I’ll come back better than ever.”

In the middle of the interview, Amy excused herself from the room saying she had forgotten something outside. When Amy returned with a few extra people, photographers and a vase of flowers, Angie’s face lit up.

“We aren’t just featuring you as part of a news story. You are actually the recipient of our Dream Team for this month.” said Amy.

Sharlene Wells, from Mountain America Credit Union, presented Angle with flowers, a day spa package from Hand & Stone and $1,000 in cash for studio expenses.

“You have not only helped develop vocal techniques for so many singers, you built up their confidence, you’ve developed artists, you’ve made a huge difference for our community.” said Sharlene.

“Thank you so much! This is amazing!” said Angie.

Angie was able to perform a song she wrote about her stroke and recovery, and was met with enthusiastic applause from the Dream Team crew, her students, staff and family members.