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Burger King is testing out new breakfast sandwiches

Burger King is testing out new breakfast sandwiches
Posted at 9:15 AM, Jan 14, 2022

When you think of hitting up a drive-thru for a quick breakfast, chances are you end up at McDonald’s. The fast-food chain has been serving breakfast longer than most, with Egg McMuffins hitting menus nationwide in 1975.

McDonald’s has added more menu items over the years, like hotcakes, breakfast burritos and hash browns, but other restaurants have also followed suit, including rival Burger King, which is currently trying out some new breakfast items of its own.

According to FoodBeast, Burger King is testing toasted breakfast sandwiches at locations in Buffalo, New York, with the hopes that if it goes well, the sandwiches will appear on menus nationwide. Burger King did not respond to Simplemost’s request for comment, but FoodBeast reports the limited-time test includes three sandwiches: ham and cheese, cheese with sausage and egg, and crispy chicken.

All three sandwiches are served on toasted slices of bread, with the ham and cheese option including ham and melted cheese, while the sausage sandwich includes a sausage patty, melted cheese and the addition of a fried egg. The crispy chicken sandwich has a crispy chicken fillet and maple glaze.

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While these sandwiches would be new for Burger King if they end up launching nationwide, the fast-food chain has other breakfast sandwiches on the menu, including one also made with toast.

Along with breakfast burritos, pancakes and a handful of sandwiches made with biscuits and croissants, the French toast breakfast sandwich offers the choice of bacon, sausage or ham, plus eggs, American cheese and a maple spread, served on a pair of French toast slices.

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Of course, most other fast-food restaurants also have breakfast items, including Wendy’s and McDonald’s.

Wendy’s breakfast is fairly new, having just launched in 2020, 51 years after they first opened their doors in 1969. The menu includes sandwiches, sides and beverages, including a breakfast Baconator, maple bacon chicken croissant and a handful of biscuit sandwiches.

While McDonald’s features classic items like the Egg McMuffin, they continually add to the menu. The latest additions include apple fritters, blueberry muffins and cinnamon rolls.


Which fast-food restaurant do you prefer for a quick breakfast?

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