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Polite Chatbot Can Haggle With Your Cable Company To Lower Your Bill

Polite Chatbot Can Haggle With Your Cable Company To Lower Your Bill
Posted at 7:30 AM, Dec 28, 2022

Here is something that may surprise you: You can haggle with Comcast to get your monthly bill decreased. But, not everyone has the time or emotional energy to negotiate with customer service agents. Not to mention, haggling takes finesse.

But now you don’t have to get up the courage the fight with Comcast over your bill. You can have a bot do it for you!

Joshua Browder, the CEO of DoNotPay, has just unveiled his latest chatbot, which can barter for a lower bill on your behalf.

DoNotPay launched in 2015 when Browder was just 18. The app is marketed as the “world’s first robot lawyer” and it can perform services for you that a real attorney might, such as fighting speeding tickets, claiming rebates, ending your subscriptions or even annulling your marriage. And now, with the app’s latest AI functions, DoNotPay can even take on the Final Boss … cable companies.

Browder recently took to Twitter to share how one of his engineers used DoNotPay to lower his cable bill. The ChatGPT bot negotiated with Comcast chat to take $120 off their cable bill.

Browder tweeted:

You can also watch the conversation between the bot and the customer service agent unfold below on YouTube, as posted by GPT-3 Demo.

As you can see, the bot is very polite, almost disarmingly so. The bot also had a small snafu when it was supposed to share the customer’s email address.

Browder acknowledges this on Twitter, saying that the chatbot is “not perfect yet” and “also a bit too polite, replying back to everything,” but noted that this was still enough to get the discount.

But, all told, the bot worked exceptionally well in this case and resulted in a smaller bill.

A DoNotPay subscription is $3 a month, but you pay this amount as a yearly membership fee of $36 upfront. Sign up on the website or get it at the App Store for Macs and iPhones.

However, you should note that the Android version can be installed through APKCombo, which is not considered a trusted site. Additionally, people have given mixed reviews about DoNotPay as a company and some consider it a scam. It has a 1.76 out of 5-star rating at the Better Business Bureau, with many reviewers saying they were charged the fee without their knowledge. Bottom line: It’s an interesting concept, but proceed with caution before you outsource your haggling.

By Bridget Sharkey, for Newsy


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