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Coca-Cola launches first drink co-created by artificial intelligence

Coca-Cola launches first drink co-created by artificial intelligence
Posted at 5:30 AM, Oct 16, 2023

Coca-Cola’s latest soda creation is more than just a new flavor — it’s looking toward the future. The very distant future.

New Coca-Cola Y3000 imagines what Coca-Cola will taste like in the year 3000. Created with both human and artificial intelligence, the flavor is a combination of what the brand says is “fans’ perspectives from around the world” and insights gathered from AI about “how fans envision the future through emotions, aspirations, colors, flavors and more.”

“We hope that Coca‑Cola will still be as relevant and refreshing in the year 3000 as it is today, so we challenged ourselves to explore the concept of what a Coke from the future might taste like — and what kind of experiences would a Coke from the future unlock?” Oana Vlad, senior director of global strategy at The Coca‑Cola Company, said in a press release. “The ‘Real Magic’ brand platform celebrates unexpected connections that make the ordinary extraordinary, so we intentionally brought human intelligence and AI together for an uplifting expression of what Coca‑Cola believes tomorrow will bring.”

The new flavor is in stores nationwide now in zero- and full-sugar varieties. It’s only around for a limited time.

Each pack comes with a QR code that can be scanned for access to the Coca‑Cola Creations Hub, where you can add photos to see what your current reality might look like in the future.

a can of coca-cola set amid a pink, blue and purple futuristic graphic with a city skyline in the background

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So, what will Coca-Cola taste like in the year 3000? While Coca-Cola doesn’t say, the brand sent me a sample of the zero-sugar version so I could try it myself.

The flavor is incredibly hard to describe, but seems like a bit of a mix between cotton candy and candy corn, with maybe a bit of citrus. It actually tastes like nothing at first, with all of the flavors showing up as an aftertaste.

As someone that is not a fan of cotton candy or candy corn, it is honestly now my least favorite Coca-Cola flavor. I managed four decent-sized sips before pouring the rest out and, perhaps somewhat ironically, grabbing a Diet Coke to get rid of the taste in my mouth.

If you’re a fan of cotton candy or candy corn, however, or just up for trying something new, there’s a chance you’ll thoroughly enjoy the futuristic flavor. Personally, I’m glad I’m around for 2023 Coca-Cola instead.

Will you be grabbing a can of Coca-Cola Y3000 to see what soda might taste like in the future?

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