SUNDAY BRUNCH: Chicken Egg Foo Yung

Posted at 10:38 AM, Mar 27, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-27 12:38:12-04

Smith's Chef Jeff Jackson's recipe, as featured on Good Day Utah: Weekend Edition!

For the egg foo yung:

2 chicken breasts, cut into small cubes

1 tbsp. water

1 tsp. soy sauce

1 tsp. + 1 tsp. cornstarch

1 tbsp. cooking oil

1 small onion, diced

2 cup bean sprouts

6 lg. eggs

¼ tsp. sesame oil

1 green onion, chopped

Sesame seeds to garnish

4 cup oil for frying

Cooked rice for serving

For the gravy:

1 tbsp. butter

1 tbsp. flour

½ tsp. turmeric

½ tsp. paprika

¼ tsp. garlic powder

¼ tsp. onion powder

3 cups + ¼ cup chicken broth

2 tsp. soy sauce

1 tbsp. oyster sauce

½ tsp. sesame oil

¼ tsp. white pepper

¼ cup cornstarch

Kosher salt and pepper to taste

Mix the chicken, a little salt and pepper with the water in a large mixing bowl until the water is absorbed. Mix in the soy sauce and 1 tsp. of the cornstarch. Set aside.

In a medium sized sauce pan, make the gravy by placing it over medium heat. Add the butter. Once the butter is melted, add the flour and stir until the flour is absorbed. Stir in the turmeric, paprika, garlic powder, and onion powder.

Stir to combine then whisk in the 3 c. chicken broth. Once the mixture boils, stir in the soy sauce, oyster sauce, sesame oil, and white pepper.

In a small bowl, whisk together the cornstarch and ¼ c. chicken broth. Add the mixture into the gravy and stir to combine. Once the gravy is thickened, turn the heat to its lowest setting.

Place a wok or large saute pan over high heat. Add the oil and then the chicken. Cook 1-2 minutes per side. Remove from the pan and set aside in a bowl or plate.

Fill the wok with about 4 c. of cooking oil. Turn the heat to medium-high and let the temp. come up to 350 and no higher. Lower the heat if it gets too hot.

Add the chicken, diced onion, and sprouts to a mixing bowl. Stir to combine. Add the eggs, sesame oil, and 1 tsp. cornstarch. Stir to combine.

Use a large spoon or ladle to scoop ¾ c. of the mixture and carefully lower it into the hot oil. The mixture should hold together. Cook about 3 at a time.

Cook for about 1 minute then carefully flip them over and cook another minute on the second side.

Place them on a wire rack on a sheet pan. Place in a warm oven while you cook the rest of the egg foo yung.

Serve warm over cooked rice. Ladle on some gravy and garnish with some green onion and sesame seeds.