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This Cuisinart coffee grinder has more than 23,000 5-star reviews on Amazon—and it’s on sale

This Cuisinart coffee grinder has more than 23,000 5-star reviews on Amazon—and it’s on sale
Posted at 11:20 AM, Sep 20, 2022

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If you have a daily coffee drive-thru habit and are tired of waiting in line or paying high prices, then you might want to consider picking up this Cuisinart coffee grinder. Nothing beats a cup of freshly ground and brewed coffee, and with a good grinder, just the touch of a button can transform you into your own barista!

More than 70% of the more than 23,000 reviews for the Cuisinart Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill give the product 5 stars, and users say the combination of affordability, features and ease of use make it a winner.


You can take your pick of two hues, black or cream, for the Cuisinart coffee grinder. Right now, Amazon has the Cuisinart Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill on sale for $59.95 for the stainless steel/black version, along with a $4.71 coupon. You can also choose the cream, gray or white model for $74.99.

It is made of brushed stainless steel for a polished look and durability. Built-in features include 18 levels for your choice of coffee grind, from ultra-fine to extra-coarse. This Cuisinart coffee grinder also has an automatic stop to ensure consistency for the grind texture you desire.

Another convenient feature built into the grinder is its capacity. With a 4-cup to 18-cup capacity, you can grind enough coffee for yourself or for a bunch of your friends with no hassle at all. All you need to do is move the slider to the quantity you want and the grinder does the work for you.

Amazon user lobarr wrote a 5-star review highlighting the Cuisinart coffee grinder’s durability and ability to handle a variety of grind preferences. The reviewer had to replace their grinder after 8 years of constant use and decided to purchase it again.


“We’re happy with the product or we wouldn’t have purchased a second one of the same exact type eight years after the first one,” according to lobarr’s review. “Plus, it must be others [who] feel the same because eight years later the company is still making the same model!”

User Nick Griffith also wrote a 5-star review for his Cuisinart coffee grinder and has experience as a barista to back it up. He highlighted how he uses the machine daily and that the coffee grind is “always consistent.”

“I’m a barista and needed a grinder for my home bar setup,” he wrote in his review. “I really didn’t want to spend almost two hundred dollars on a grinder. I read some reviews and decided to try this one. Great decision!”

Other reviewers offered tips on how to get the best results from the Cuisinart coffee grinder. Some suggested shaking the machine a little to make sure all the beans settle down in the grinder. Another tip many reviewers recommended was to transfer your freshly ground coffee into an airtight canister to make sure it stays fresh (if you don’t use it all right away).

Buying your own Cuisinart coffee grinder can save you time in your mornings (say goodbye to waiting in line) and make your coffee more budget-friendly as well.

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