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Dog that jumped a kennel wall is adopted with her best friend

Dog that jumped a kennel wall is adopted with her best friend
Posted at 7:40 AM, Jun 12, 2023

No walls can separate true friends — not when one is a very determined dog.

Friends of Minneapolis Animal Care and Control recently shared a heartwarming story about two stray dogs, Brenda and Linda, who had been brought into the shelter together in late May. They were initially placed in a restricted area to make sure they were healthy enough to join the general population. Then they were put into kennels next to one another on the adoption floor.

Brenda, the younger pup at about age 4, did not like the fact that she and Linda, about age 7, were separated by the kennel wall between them.

The animal shelter’s original video, now deleted, caught Brenda leaping over the divider between her and Linda’s kennels to hang out with her friend. When shelter staff came by about an hour later, they wondered why the two dogs had been put together in the same kennel. They only realized what had happened after reviewing their security footage.

“They are now sharing a bigger kennel together,” MACC had posted on the video they shared of Brenda’s daring wall scaling. The caption also shared that Brenda was a “helper dog” in playgroups and that Linda happily coexisted with others.

On YouTube, MACC Playgroups posted a video showing the two in one of those playgroups with another dog (with a lot of black fur) named Hank. Brenda is the brown dog and Linda is mostly white with patches of tan.

One wonders what the dynamic duo was doing before being brought in to the shelter; they were bonded even before arriving at MACC. Vada Karlen, a woman who had kept the dogs with her over the weekend while MACC was closed before bringing the two strays in, shared a photo of them cuddling together on the same dog bed and another of them on a car ride.

A MACC update on the same video post just a few days later let everyone know that the two dogs had been adopted together. The fact that the pups had gone viral and become news brought in a couple who had just lost a dog, and they fell in love with Brenda and Linda immediately.

A MACC TikTok video set to Weezer’s cover of “Happy Together,” shows the original footage of Brenda scaling the divider between her and her canine pal. It also shows Brenda and Linda leaving the shelter with the couple.


Brenda and Linda found their furever home TOGETHER! Thank you to all of our frens who shared to make this pawsible for them💕🐾#happytogether #bestfriends

♬ Happy Together – Weezer

Happy news for two pup pals!

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