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You can now get Domino’s pizza delivered to wherever you are

You can now order Domino’s pizza to wherever you are
Posted at 7:30 AM, Jul 14, 2023

Have you ever been enjoying a nice day outside and wished you could have a pizza delivered? Usually, you need an address for the delivery person to find you. That can be a challenge when you’re at a beach, a park or somewhere you don’t know what to give for your specific location.

Domino’s Pizza has solved that problem with its new “pinpoint delivery” service. If you have a smartphone and the Domino’s app, you can order from almost anywhere and get a fresh pizza or other favorite menu items.

Domino's Pizza

Why leave the campout or beach party when Domino’s can bring your meal to you? A few simple screen touches will guide your driver directly to your location. And using it is simple.

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First, you must download the Domino’s Pizza app to your smartphone and allow your phone’s location to be shared. This is the only way this new service works.

Once you install the Domino’s app, you will select the Pinpoint Delivery option to start your order.


Next, you will drop a location pin for your driver to find you with your order. This location will be based on the nearest Domino’s Pizza location. Your pin will appear on a GPS map, and you must provide a brief description to help identify you.

Then, choose whatever items you like from Domino’s menu to include in your order. Like a regular delivery order, you can track order progress from prepping to following the driver’s path to your location.

When the driver arrives, you will get a notification to arrive at your pickup spot to get your pizza. You then have about 5 minutes to meet your delivery driver, so make sure you’re ready to get your food when it arrives!

To order from Domino’s Pinpoint Delivery service, you must pre-pay with a debit, credit, or gift card. Drivers cannot accept cash payments.

Don’t let your outdoor plans keep you from satisfying your pizza craving! Try out the Domino’s Pinpoint Delivery service and keep the party going.

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