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7 gift ideas for candy lovers

7 gift ideas for candy lovers
Posted at 12:50 PM, Dec 20, 2022

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Some people love to get clothes as a present. Others love music-themed gifts. Then, there are those who adore all things sugary. It’s easy to buy someone a box of assorted chocolates and be done, but that’s not very creative.

If you have a sweet tooth on your gift list, there are many alternatives to run-of-the-mill, store-bought chocolates. First, consider your recipient’s personality, taste and even sense of style. Then check out these creative gift ideas for someone with a fondness for confections.

The Best Caramels

Buttery, rich and oh-so-sweet caramel candies can make a decadent gift for the sweet tooth on your list. The best caramels are made with quality whole ingredients like butter and cream to create soft, creamy candy.


With many types to choose from, such as chocolate-covered caramels, salted caramels or even caramels made with goat’s milk or duck fat, the best caramels are those you choose based on what your recipient will enjoy most.

Candy Containers

If your friend or loved one enjoys keeping sweets on their desk or kitchen counter, consider giving them a special container to keep them in.


Think about your recipient’s style when looking for the perfect container. For instance, a sleek, modern jar might be ideal for one person, while another might love a vintage candy dish or a retro dispenser.

Sweet Subscriptions

There are subscription boxes available for practically every type of hobby or interest these days, and confectionery ones are certainly no exception.


Choices range from desserts of the month to gummies, chocolates, baked goods and more. In addition, you can find subscription boxes from big brands, smaller artisanal makers and everything in between.

Handmade Gift Baskets

Sometimes the best presents are those you make yourself. A gift basket filled with goodies you hand-selected will surely be well-received.


Before preparing a sweet gift basket, settle on a theme. For instance, an ice cream lover might love a basket filled with syrups, sprinkles and maraschino cherries, while making one with retro candies for a milestone birthday gift might be a winner.

Edible Bouquets

Flowers are lovely but don’t last, and they’re not all safe to eat. So instead, buy or make an arrangement of a preferred goodie.


With a bit of creativity and some long wooden skewers, you could make a bouquet out of doughnuts, cookies, fruit slices, cake pops or even candy bars.

Global Goodies

Your favorite world (or would-be) traveler who happens to have a sweet tooth might enjoy savoring sweets from other lands. Many sizable online candy stores and retailers like Amazon offer boxes filled with international candies.


For instance, you could give someone some tamarind candy and Sinaloense Pepitoria, a type of peanut brittle, from Mexico. Or they might have fun sampling milk candy and peach-flavored Kit Kat bars from Japan.

Chocolate-Covered Favorites

A box of chocolates might be cliché, but it’s only because chocolate itself is almost always appreciated. Look for unique chocolate-dipped gift ideas to put a twist on the bland old assortment.


Of course, chocolate strawberries are good, but chocolate-coated apples, pears or bananas are as surprising as they are delicious. For the salty/sweet lover, think chocolate-coated pretzels, popcorn or potato chips. You can even purchase gourmet chocolate-covered jalapenos if you’re feeling a little spicy.

With so many options, from the best caramels to all things chocolate, the most challenging part of finding a wonderful gift for your favorite sweet tooth might be choosing just one.

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