Give A Child A Book


Book fair provides over 2,000 books to Utah kids

Posted at 12:29 PM, Mar 20, 2023

Do you remember going to the book fair at school as a kid?

In partnership with the Scripps Howard Fund, Cyprus Credit Union, and Scholastic, and thanks to generous donations from our community and staff, FOX 13 put over 2,000 books in the hands of Utah kids through its annual “If You Give a Child a Book…” initiative.

Thousands of books lined the shelves at Salt Lake’s Guadalupe School. From Unicorns and Kittens to Mario and Pokemon, the book fair had a little something for everyone.

Over two days, children at the school each had the chance to pick out four brand new books to call their own.

Third grader Jacob Rodriguez said, “I was excited I was gonna get some brand-new books.”

The students at Guadalupe School are not only looking for books they can read – but books they can share. Rodriguez said he was also looking for books for his cousin.

"She likes cats and ice cream, so I think this would be a perfect combination for her.”

Sixth grader Naomi said she loves to find books that she and her friends can read together.

“Me and my friends find new things we’re interested in, and I like to find books that they will like if they come over to my house. Then they can read it with me."

Think of it as a buffet – there’s all kinds of reads at the Scholastic book fair. The shelves – charcuterie boards of genres we can all appreciate.

Of course, it doesn’t matter which books the kids choose. It’s all about picking what they love. Having access to books is the goal – an opportunity not every student has.

Guadalupe School’s Director of Early Learning Katrina Herd said, “It is a mindset of, ‘I don't have to limit my knowledge based on what I have available at hand but instead, there is a wealth of knowledge out there.’ So, when you introduced something like a book fair to children, and you say to them ‘pick something,’ it's opening the door of ‘I really could read about anything right now.’"

During the book fair students selected a combined 2,000 books to enjoy, planting the seed of lifelong readers.

"Having that foundation that I love a story, and I want to be a part of it is going to set kids up for future success,” said Herd.

If you’d like to join FOX 13 in ensuring Utah kids get the books they deserve, you can make a tax deductible donation at Every $5 you donate buys one book for a child in our community.