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13 great gifts for the clumsy people in your life

13 great gifts for the clumsy people in your life
Posted at 5:30 AM, Aug 11, 2022

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Everyone has that one friend or family member who seems to always drop their phone, stain their clothes at dinner and generally trip over their own feet. Chances are good that even though they might not be especially graceful, they are as gracious as anyone you know.

You can show your affection and offer a little protection for these beloved clutzes with a thoughtful present. From the best screen protector to a fashionable grown-up bib, we have curated a collection of great gifts that your accident-prone loved one should be delighted to receive.

The Best Screen Protector


A phone’s screen often shows the brunt of damage from slips, trips and bumps. However, you can help your clumsy loved one protect their phone or other devices with a great screen protector. Whether they have an iPhone, Android or even an Apple Watch, the best screen protector can prevent scratches, marks and shattered glass.

Spill-Proof Coffee Tumbler


This vacuum double-wall tumbler keeps hot beverages toasty and cold drinks icy. But what makes this model a dream for clumsy folks is the rubber-designed bottom that prevents it from slipping or tipping over. Even if it does tip, the leak-proof lid is made to keep liquid from spilling.

At $12.99-$14.99, this travel tumbler comes in dozens of designs, making it easy to find one that your favorite clutz will love.

Insulated Wine Sippy Cups


If your friend prefers wine to coffee, this set of 10 tumblers might be more suitable. These insulated cups, priced at $42.95, have splash-proof lids, similar to those on sippy cups, with secure rubber seals. Plus, the ergonomic rim prevents dribbles that might otherwise cause a stain.

Tip-Proof Tote 


Help your clumsy loved one avoid having all the contents of their bag strewn all over the ground with this tip-proof tote, on sale for $35.99. It has a wide, stable design and non-slip bottom for stability. The tote, which is available in five colors, is even made of silicone, so cleanup is also a breeze.

Non-Slip Fuzzy Socks


Socks are perfect for staying warm and snug on a chilly day, but they can be dangerous for someone who tends to wear them on hard floors. This set of three pairs of slipper socks ($16.85) are cute, fuzzy and have silicon-grip soles for safety. They also come in a gift box for effortless gifting.

Water-Resistant Keyboard


If your friend has had near misses with beverages while working on their computer, this ergonomic keyboard could be a lifesaver at less than $25. Not only is it water-resistant, but it also has backlighting with seven color options and silent keys that feel mechanical.

Cut-Resistant Kitchen Gloves


More than 40% of the hand injuries seen in emergency rooms are caused by working with food and knives. Help your coordination-challenged loved one stay extra safe with a pair of protective kitchen gloves for $9.99. The food-grade, high-performance handwear is ideal for cutting, slicing, grating and more.

Glow-in-the-Dark Stair Treads


Does your less-than-graceful loved one live in a two-story home? On average, more than 1 million Americans end up at the hospital every year because of a stair-related injury. These adorable stair treads sell for $35.99 for a set of 15 and are non-slip and easy to install. In addition, the shamrock accents glow in the dark for even more security.

Bathtub Mat


If you worry about your clumsy friend falling in the tub, offer them this stylish bathtub mat for $18.99. The large size provides maximum coverage and the 200 big suction cups underneath ensure safety. There are several designs and colors, so you can pick one that complement’s your loved one’s decor.

Oven Rack Shields


Knives are not the only hazard in a kitchen for accident-prone chefs. This simple-yet-ingenious product protects hands and arms from burns caused by bumping hot oven racks. At $11, you might even want some for your oven. (However, remind your friend to remove them before running the oven’s self-clean feature.)

Motion-Sensor Night Light


Things that go bump in the night are often shins and toes against furniture. This $11 nightlight has a motion-sensor feature so your recipient can make those late-night pit stops without any bruises. Sold in three colors, it’s also stylish enough to make a great gift.

Washable Runner Rug


No more tripping over rugs or sliding on unsecured floor mats. Maples rugs come in a traditional, vintage style and several color options. They are as non-slip as they are gorgeous. These rugs are available in various shapes and sizes and start at about $12. And they’re machine washable, too!

Dining Scarves


It seems as though everyone knows someone who can’t enjoy a meal without some evidence appearing on their clothing. These dining scarves, $34.99 for a pack of three, are actually an adult version of a bib. They discreetly protect clothing from drips and spills and look a whole lot better than a napkin tucked into your collar.

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