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Headbands are making a comeback

Headbands are making a comeback
Posted at 10:25 AM, Aug 02, 2023

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Celebrities like Emma Chamberlain, Cardi B, Serena Williams and Jennifer Lawrence have all been seen sporting headbands in recent months. And they’ve all looked perfectly glamorous and chic, even donning them for the Met Gala.

People are already embracing this go-to hair accessory’s comeback. After all, headbands are an easy way to complete any look. Not to mention, they’re also a simple and quick way to style your hair; they work for all hair types from curly to stick-straight.

In a hurry and need to look polished? Grab a headband. Growing out your bangs? Same. Whether you’re tired of your current style or need to hop on a Zoom call in 30 seconds without having had a chance to shower, a headband will save you, time and time again. Created in all shapes and sizes from pencil-thin hard plastic to poufy padded satin fabric, there’s something for everyone to love with this revival.

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Curious about which headbands celebrities prefer? Well, Lawrence has worn the one below. It’s a bit pricey, so we’ve also included several other styles and colors. You can shop the look or find a different kind that better suits your style.

Jennifer Behr Tori Silk-Satin Headband

Tori Silk-Satin Headband

As Lawrence promoted her recently released film, “No Hard Feelings,” she was spotted wearing this black padded silk-satin headband from Jennifer Behr. The interior is lined with grosgrain ribbon to help keep it from slipping. You can buy the handcrafted Jennifer Behr Tori Silk-Satin Headband at Net-a-Porter for $190.

Black Satin Headbands by BallHull (6-pack)

2 black satin headbands

If you’re looking for a more cost-effective headband that has less padding, check out this six-pack option of black satin headbands. Each elastic plastic band measures 1.2 inches in width and comes entirely wrapped in cloth. It stays on the head without feeling tight or stiff. If you’re a DIY aficionado, you can make these headbands more your own by decorating them with bows and additional ribbons. Get these six of these BalHull Black Satin Headbands at Amazon for $6.99.

LifeDawn Knotted Headbands (5-pack) 

LifeDawn 5-pack headbands

This five-pack of knotted headbands is a steal of a deal, providing several color options to match different outfits. Each colored cloth fabric headband comes designed in a topknot style with textured dots. These bands fit both kids and adults and offer a lot of stretch for comfort. Buy LifeDawn Knotted Headbands at Amazon for $9.95.

Rachel Roy Headband 

Rachel Roy Black and Gold Headband

This stylish top knot Rachel Roy headband is made of high-quality fabric and comes in 35 different options. It stretches from 5.5 to 9.2 inches and thanks to its inner skid design, it won’t slide off your head either. The one shown above is Black & Lace. You can buy the Rachel Roy Headband at Amazon for $11.99.

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Wovowovo Thin Headbands (12-pack)

Wovowovo Thin Headbands

These 7-millimeter thin headbands come in 12 different colors and contain small teeth on the inside to help hold them in place. The braid-style design adds a touch of texture and helps them work for any occasion. Wear them to the office to simply use them to wash your face without your hair getting in the way! Buy a 12-pack of Wovowovo 7mm Headbands at Amazon for $9.99.

Velscrun Women’s Knotted Headbands (12-pack)

Velscrun 12 piece headbands

This 12-piece set offers an abundance of variety and a fun mix of solid colors and patterns. Offered in 13 different assorted options, prices range from $14.99 to $16.99. Constructed of soft, high-quality fabric, these won’t hurt your hair — or your head — because they provide a little stretch. Each band is 1.38 inches wide. Buy a 12-pack of Velscrun Women’s Knotted Headbands at Amazon for $14.99.

Are you excited to jump on this style resurgence?

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