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How to clean a glass oven door

How to clean a glass oven door
Posted at 10:00 AM, Feb 04, 2023

Keeping your home in tip-top shape requires a lot of grunt work. There’s clutter to pick up, floors to wash and rugs that need vacuuming — and more, of course. Cleaning your glass oven door probably isn’t top of mind unless you notice how cloudy it is when you check on a dish that’s baking.

Yet even the best wall ovens are prone to spatters. Having excess residue in your oven can lead to unpleasant food tastes and make your oven work harder to cook food at the ideal temperature.

To have a sparkling oven — including a clean glass door — you must clean the entire oven  inside and out. How often you clean your oven depends on how often you use it. Always start by making sure your oven is completely cool; this obviously helps you avoid burns.


Start On The Outside

Begin by wiping down the outside of the oven with a damp microfiber cloth that contains a degreaser. This should eliminate any stuck-on food particles or smudges. Baking soda can help act as a gentle abrasive to remove gunk if need be. A vinegar and water solution works as well.

You’ll want to check your owner’s manual before you start cleaning. Most manufacturers caution against using oven cleaners or abrasive cleaners on the outside of your oven range.  They may recommend a non-ammonia-based glass cleaner for the glass door.


Tackle The Interior

Create a thick paste of 3/4 cup of baking soda and 1/4 cup of water. Paint the glass and enameled metal. (Avoid coating any exposed metal.) Let the paste sit for 20 minutes or overnight. The mixture will darken as it soaks up the grease, so don’t be surprised when you go to wipe everything down with a warm, wet rag. Wipe dry with a clean towel.

Glass doors that appear foggy or streaky may require extra grease-fighting action. Place a drop of dish soap on a damp rag and wipe the door down. If that doesn’t do the trick, fill a spray bottle with one part white vinegar and one part water. Spritz the mixture over the door and wipe clean with a dry cloth. You may also try using a razor blade to remove stubborn stains.


Try Self-Cleaning Mode—But Use It Carefully

The best wall ovens offer a self-cleaning mode, which does all the dirty work for you when you simply press a button. But experts will tell you to use this feature sparingly, though it may work for very grimy ovens. If you have children or pets (especially pet birds), only use this mode if you have put precautions in place; during the self-clean process, your oven releases carbon monoxide and other harmful fumes. The oven’s high temperatures also can result in heat damage.

The cycle can take anywhere from one hour to six hours depending on the mode and model, plus time for it to cool down afterward.  Self-cleaning mode transforms any coated-on, leftover food particles into ash that you can wipe away afterward.

If your oven hasn’t been cleaned in a long time, you might want to do a combination of self-cleaning and a manual clean with baking soda. No matter which method you use, always clean the glass door last.


Remove The Glass If Necessary

Sometimes spills seep between the layers of glass through the vent openings on the door. If this happens, you’ll need to open up the panels to clean them properly. Again, consult your owner’s manual for instructions on how to do this properly. You may also want to check your warranty to see if doing this type of work will void it.

With many models, you can open the door and prop it on your knees for support as you unscrew the fasteners along the top. Since the screws often keep the door and the handle in place, this will also prevent oven parts from clattering to the floor. With other oven models you may wish to take the entire door off and set it on the ground.

Suction up loose crumbs and dust with a vacuum hose and wipe the glass with your baking soda paste mixture. After several minutes, wipe it clean with a wet rag and then a dry cloth. Remember to handle the glass with care; it isn’t easy to replace.


Tips To Keep Your Oven Clean

Anytime you are working with food, there’s a chance things will get messy, even if you’re baking with the best wall oven. To prevent splatters, cover the food with tin foil, a lid or parchment paper. Use an oven liner or place an extra pan on the lowest rack that can catch drips from above. Regularly clean the glass door to prevent grease from building up.

Think how satisfied you’ll feel the next time you check on your food while it’s baking by looking in through a crystal-clear glass door!

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