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Here’s how you can make a coffee table out of Legos

Here’s how you can make a coffee table out of Legos
Posted at 11:10 PM, Jun 26, 2023

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Do a search for “DIY coffee table” and you’ll mostly find a bunch of farmhouse decor: reclaimed driftwood, lacquered barrel lids and other projects that are all different shades of beige. And then there’s Jaylá Cierra’s homemade Lego table.

As you can see on her TikTok (@theofficialjaylacierra), Cierra proves that making your own furniture doesn’t always require a saw or even an Allen wrench. All it takes is a little help from your inner child.

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Well, maybe that’s not all it takes. Apartment Therapy’s deep dive explains how the initial build is just as easy as stacking Legos — nine of them, to be exact. Cierra uses supersized 8-stud Lego storage bricks in different colors for both the base and tabletop, fitting them into three separate T shapes.

She puts spring clamps on the underside to hold them together, then sticks a few cabinet bumpers on the upper surface. The finishing touch is a 60-by-20-inch glass plate for the surface, which Cierra had to custom order from a local glass shop. The result is a quirky and colorful coffee table that definitely fits in with her funky decor.

Her total cost for the table? The Lego storage bricks go for $39.99 retail, and she paid $104 for the glass top. That’s roughly $464 not counting the clamps and bumpers, but Cierra shares in an explainer video that she used some savvy shopping through wholesale sites to knock the price down.

@theofficialjaylacierra Replying to @phinn__ thanks for all the love on the lego coffee table 🧩here are the details #legocoffeetable #maxmalism #maxmalistdecor #ecelectic #ecelecticdecor #legos ♬ original sound – Jaywearingjays

As a bonus, the Lego bricks open up. You can use them for storage if you’ve got smaller items to stow away.

Will this playful design ethic catch on? Lego actually did partner with a Danish design firm to create far more minimal wooden shelves and frames inspired by its toy line, but we say bring on the colors. We could all use a little more life in our living rooms!

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