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How To Stretch Leather Boots: 6 Easy Ways To Get A Better Fit

How To Stretch Leather Boots: 6 Easy Ways To Get A Better Fit
Posted at 6:30 AM, Dec 12, 2022

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When you have boots made of genuine leather, you know you’ve got high-quality footwear that will keep your feet warm and protected from the elemtns throughout winter. From stiletto-heeled to knee-high, leather boots are a staple of colder months, but sometimes new leather shoes feel too stiff. It’s normal for brand-new boots to feel snug, no matter what they’re made of. Without any intervention, it can take several wears before your feet feel comfortable.

The good news is that you can speed along the process if you know how to stretch leather boots. Whether you spring for a boot stretcher, a specialized spray or you go a more economical route, there are several ways to pull this off. Keep reading and hopefully you’ll learn how to stretch leather boots so you can feel comfortable wearing them right away.

Yellow leather used work boots

Use Some Shoe-Stretching Spray

An affordable option that you can pick up online or at a convenience store for around $10, shoe-stretching sprays should be used inside your boots, so they won’t discolor the exterior. Once you’ve spray them, wear them for several hours and they will adjust to the size of your feet as you walk. They soften the leather to make it more pliable and have a permanent effect. One of the most popular brands on Amazon is FootMatters and this product can also be paired with a boot-stretching tool.

Use the Wet-Leather Trick

The ultimate cost-effective way to stretch leather boots is to soak them in warm water for up to an hour, until they are drenched. Once your boots are wet, wear them until they are dry. This will help them stretch to the shape of your feet.


Break Out Your Thickest Socks

If your boots are just a smidge too tight, try wearing one or two pairs of your thickest socks in them, even as you sit around the house, just to help stretch the leather out. Do this for a few hours at a time for two or three times before wearing them all day while you’re out and about to avoid blisters.

Pop Them In The Freezer

For this next trick, you’ll need to carve out some freezer space. Fill sandwich bags with water and place them inside your boots. (Make sure the bags are sealed tight so you don’t damage the leather.) Then leave them in the freezer overnight. As the water expands, it will slowly stretch out the leather. Pretty cool, huh?

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Buy A Boot Stretcher

The traditional way of stretching leather boots is to use a tool known as a boot stretcher. Available as one-way or two-way stretchers, you can choose to expand the width of the boot or increase the length. To use, insert the boot stretcher and let it sit for several hours. You might need to repeat the process. You can find models for less than $30 on Amazon or even more expensive ones with extra features.

Get A Boot Calf Stretcher

For taller boots that feel tight around the calves (ouch!), calf boot stretchers can be a godsend. Put it in the boot and leave it there overnight, ideally six to eight hours for optimum results. Then repeat if necessary if they still feel snug.

Now that you know how to stretch leather boots, your feet don’t have to suffer while breaking in a new pair.

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