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IHOP is offering new pancake tacos this month

IHOP is offering new pancake tacos this month
Posted at 4:30 AM, Jul 12, 2023

Poor IHOP. It must be so hard — always having to come up with new ways to get people to want pancakes. But the chain’s latest idea is definitely getting lots of attention!

Introducing … the pancake taco, which will be available at participating IHOP restaurants from now through July 30.

There are no corn tortillas involved. In a pancake taco, a silver-dollar pancake is the shell, and pancake toppings (like strawberries and chocolate chips) are the fillings tucked into it. You pick it up with your hands and bite into it, just as you would a taco.


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You get three in one order, and the price for one order starts at $6. Pancake tacos come in sweet and savory varieties. Here are the options as IHOP describes them:

  • Fresh Strawberry Cheesecake Pancake Tacos have strawberries and creamy cheesecake mousse. These can be topped with chocolate chips, offered on the side.
  • Caramel Banana Pancake Tacos involve creamy cheesecake mousse, vanilla sauce, dulce de leche caramel sauce and sliced bananas. Chocolate chips are again offered on the side.
  • Breakfast Pancake Tacos feature scrambled eggs, bacon, a jack and cheddar cheese blend, and cheese sauce, with salsa on the side.
  • Country Chicken and Gravy Pancake Tacos are like a country breakfast wrapped in a silver dollar pancake. It has crispy chicken, shredded hash browns, jack and cheddar cheeses, and country gravy inside. Top it with pickles that come on the side.

You can also get them in combos with the side of your choice.

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No doubt the social media manager at IHOP is pleased by how well this idea is playing out. Numerous TikTok videos using the hashtag “pancaketacos” and featuring IHOP creations are going viral.

The following video from @jareddrabick has text that reads, “There’s nothing more American than IHOP dropping pancake tacos. Does it make sense? No. But there’s something so American about dropping cheesecake filling in a pancake and putting random toppings on it.” In the comments, IHOP replied, “u get it.”

@jareddrabick they were fr so good #fyp #ihop #pancaketacos ♬ Star Spangled (Bass Boosted) – SNC

Meg and Maddie from @Floridamomof3 posted a positive review and got 2.3 million views, along with many positive comments.

@floridamomof3 Trying the new Pancake Tacos at IHOP!! @IHOP #megandmaddie #costcomamma #ihoppartner #pancaketacos #newitem #ihop#Inverted ♬ original sound – Meg & Maddie

Commenter @Amy475 had an excellent suggestion: “They need to add a pancake taco sampler…one of each.”

Will you try these pancake taco creations?

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