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Krispy Kreme’s new spring mini doughnuts are tiny and adorable

Krispy Kreme’s new spring mini doughnuts are tiny and adorable
Posted at 6:30 AM, Mar 29, 2023

Spring has arrived at Krispy Kreme, where you’ll now find a brand-new (and adorable!) mini doughnut collection.

Krispy Kreme’s Spring Minis have returned in four flavors just in time for warmer weather and Easter: Mini Bouncing Bunny doughnut, Mini Diving Duck doughnut, Mini Daffodil doughnut and Mini Chocolate Iced with Sprinkles doughnut. All four doughnuts are available in a 16-count box for a limited time.

While the Mini Chocolate Iced with Spring Sprinkles doughnut has been on the menu before, the other three are brand new. First up, the Mini Bouncing Bunny doughnut is a mini Original Glazed doughnut dipped in green icing. It is then topped with a dollop of vanilla buttercreme frosting and two bunny feet sugar pieces that make it appear the bunny is diving right into the doughnut.

Not to be outdone on cuteness, the Mini Diving Duck doughnut is basically the same, but for those that prefer adorable ducks. The doughnut is dipped in blue icing, has white sprinkles and is topped with yellow buttercreme frosting and two orange buttercreme duck feet.

The Mini Daffodil doughnut is also an Original Glazed doughnut, but is dipped in yellow icing and yellow sanding sugar, topped with orange buttercreme frosting and decorated with a yellow icing flower. ​The Mini Chocolate Iced with Spring Sprinkles doughnut is glazed, dipped in chocolate icing and topped with spring sprinkles.

Krispy Kreme

Don’t have a Krispy Kreme near you? You can make your own sweet Easter treats instead, like these egg cake balls that put a spin on cake pops. The cake balls come from Pillsbury and take just 30 minutes of prep time, around 35 minutes baking time and, of course, some time for decorating.

Pillsbury decorates the eggs like sugar cookies, but you can decorate them however you wish. All you’ll need is cake mix, frosting, candy melts and other decorations, like sprinkles and sanding sugar.

Easter egg cake balls recipe from Pillsbury

What treats will you be making this Easter?

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