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These Slip-On Men’s Loafers Have Top Ratings—And They’re Super Affordable

These Slip-On Men’s Loafers Have Top Ratings—And They’re Super Affordable
Posted at 12:00 PM, Sep 16, 2022

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If your current slip-ons look a little ragged, it might be time for a shoe upgrade. Seeing as there are about a million choices available through a single online search, we’re always happy to narrow the field a bit.

There’s a pair of casual men’s loafers that is raking in thousands of positive reviews right now at Amazon. These Bruno Marc Men’s Casual Slip-On Loafers are being praised for their smooth and cushy lining and for being breathable and lightweight.

Bruno Marc Men’s Casual Slip-On Loafers Stretch Shoes 

Bruno Marc's Men's loafers

The brand claims its shoes create a barefoot-like experience because of the multi-spandex canvas lining they’re made with. The inner lining is designed to keep feet cool and dry and aim to make the shoes appropriate for year-round wear. Their light EVA insole is covered with a cork surface that absorbs shock during walking, which is a great asset for people who are on their feet all day. Each shoe weighs less than a large apple, according to the brand.

The price of these men’s loafers varies from $32.99 to $42.99, depending on style and size. They’re offered from sizes 6 1/2 to 15 and come in eight colors at Amazon. These Bruno Marc men’s loafers can be paired with jeans, shorts or trousers.

Their flexibility is evident in the marketing photos the company includes on Amazon.

Flexible men's loafer

With more than 5,700 global ratings, customers say they’ve found these men’s loafers to be well made, comfortable and lightweight. They have an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, with 71% awarding them the full five stars. Several people have mentioned ordering an extra pair. One man who left a review even went as far as to say it felt like he was walking on marshmallows when he wore them.

We like that each pair comes with a spare set of laces and insoles. That way you can choose from elastic or regular laces or use a different insole based on whether or not you plan to wear socks. Some reviewers have mentioned these might be a knock-off of a more expensive brand called Hey Dudes, but that they found them to be a great value and equally comfortable.

“Easy to slip on if you’re grilling outside or just running to the store down the road. They are comfortable and lightweight, but don’t sacrifice on durability,” Amazon user Chris. D wrote. “I have had mine for 4 months now and no issues, Sometimes I wear them for the whole day. I often forget I have them on.”

Although these are marketed as men’s loafers, women have also purchased and raved about wearing them, too.


While the vast majority of reviews are positive, some have been negative, with common complaints saying the shoes didn’t fit as well as expected or that they didn’t hold up long.

Do you see yourself wearing these shoes to the office or bringing them along on your next vacation?

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