Utah faces tax time after rough 2020

Posted at 10:57 AM, Dec 29, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-29 13:41:10-05

SALT LAKE CITY — Right now many folks are looking forward to the end of 2020. But as the new year approaches, that means tax time is right around the corner.

After the year Utahns have all endured, which included an earthquake, a massive windstorm, wildfires and a deadly pandemic, residents now have to get ready to pay their taxes.

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For many folks, it may seem like they just did their taxes since the IRS extended last year’s deadline from April 15 to July 15.

J.D. Heaton with the Utah tax commission says even though there are no significant changes to tax laws for most people, he says it’s always a good idea to get things done as soon as possible.

The sooner the better because if there’s a problem it can be addressed more quickly and those who file will receive returns more quickly.

Heaton says there’s no indication yet that the IRS might extend the 2021 filing deadline, but he adds anything is possible since they are now dealing with the government’s latest stimulus package.

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"The IRS will be extremely busy now, sending those checks out and making sure who does and who does not qualify," says Heaton. "And so it’s hard to say, and sometimes they surprise you last minute, but at this point we don’t know of any changes that are happening.”

Heaton says get your records in order, have a plan in place so you can file correctly the first time and not have to deal with an amended return.