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Best and least liked TV streaming services

Survey compares Netflix, Disney, Hulu, Apple
Posted at 10:33 AM, Sep 09, 2020

TV streaming services have exploded this pandemic year, with people hunkered down and not going out to movie theaters.

So, which services were the winners these past six months and which may not be ready for prime time?

A new survey claims Netflix is the clear winner, with Apple's recent entry still far behind.

The results are a bit surprising, because when it comes to consumer technology, no one beats Apple.

Its iPhone, MacBook, and iPad are state of the art, and loved by millions. But its streaming service, not so much, at least so far.

A new survey by the cord cutting website Flixed found Apple TV+ is the least favorite major streaming service, according to 1,200 streaming customers surveyed.

The most popular streamer? Netflix, not even close.

  • Netflix is watched by 83% percent of streaming households.
  • Hulu is next with 51%.
  • Disney Plus, a newcomer, already has 44% of streamers subscribing after less than a year.
  • Apple TV+ was at the bottom, with just 17% of people subscribing to it at this point.

The differences are similar when it comes to which service people like best, among people who watch them.

Netflix was tops with 58% of people calling it their "favorite," while only 3% of respondents called Apple TV+ their favorite service.

Flixed says that highlights some of the biggest problems with Apple's service, according to the survey.

Pros and cons of Apple's new service

Flixed says viewers gave Apple TV+ low marks for both its variety of programming and its user interface.

The Morning Show may be a great show, but Netflix has so many more top rated original programs.

The one good thing about Apple TV+: its price.

Apple's entry costs just $4.99 a month, or free if you buy a new Phone or iPad, which makes it a great service if you are on a tight budget.

In the end, the best streaming service is the one that has the most shows you want to see, and that way you don't waste your money.


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