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New Disney Starbucks drinkware collection is now available

New Disney Starbucks drinkware collection is now available
Posted at 7:40 AM, Apr 10, 2023

Starbucks and Disney have themed up for a brand-new collection of drinkware and other goodies, including a tote bag. The new items are available now on shopDisney’s website and include two tumblers, a water bottle, a tote bag and a cup.

All items are priced between $15-$50 and feature red and purple colors along with Cinderella’s castle. Items in the collection include a geometric Starbucks tumbler, a ceramic tumbler, a travel tumbler and a water bottle, all in colors of red and purple.


Two items from the collection, the tote bag for $27.99 and a mini ornament keychain for $14.99, were released a few days before the drinkware. The Walt Disney World Castle Starbucks cold cup ornament keychain is already out of stock, however. So if you have your eye on something, you might want to order it soon.

There are also a handful of other Starbucks items available from ShopDisney, including warm and cold tumblers and ornaments. Take a look at some of the new and previously available products you can buy.

Walt Disney World Starbucks Water Bottle ($29.99)

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This one is part of the new collection. Priced at $29.99, the 20-ounce water bottle is made of stainless steel and features a screw-on lid, so it should keep your water cold with no risk of spillage — whether you’re having fun at Disney World or just taking it around town as you run errands.

Walt Disney World Geometric Tumbler with Straw – Red ($49.99)


This ruby-hued tumbler with a raised geometric pattern is for cold drinks. The screw-on lid has the same sparkle-inducing pattern, and it comes with a matching straw. One side of the cup has a Disney World logo with Cinderella’s castle, and the other side has a Starbucks logo. Disney recommends hand-washing this acrylic cup, lid and straw.

Minnie Mouse Starbucks Cup Ornament ($17.99)


Made of ceramic, this mini version of a Starbucks cup features Minnie Mouse at Epcot Theme Park. There’s an “order checklist” on the back to mark what kind of drink is inside.

Mickey Mouse Walt Disney World Starbucks Tumbler With Straw ($49.99)


Made for cold beverages, this green tumbler features Mickey Mouse on one side and a textured geometric design all over. It comes with a screw-on lid and straw with a bottom ring to prevent it from falling out.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios Porcelain Starbucks Tumbler ($27.99)


For hot beverages, this porcelain tumbler is inspired by Disney’s Hollywood Studios. It comes with a silicone lid and also features the Starbucks logo.

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