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Louisville Metro Council gives Mayor Greg Fischer list of actions to earn city's trust back

Louisville Metro Council gives Mayor Greg Fischer list of actions to earn city's trust back
Posted at 12:20 PM, Sep 18, 2020

On Thursday, Louisville Metro Council passed a no-confidence resolution against Mayor Greg Fischer and gave him a list of ways to earn back the community's trust.

According to CNN, the amended resolution passed 22-4.

Instead of firing the mayor, the Council gave Fischer a list of actions he can work on to "restore trust between the residents of Louisville Metro and its government and ensure the safety and equality of all its residents."

The list includes:

  • Address policing policy, social inequality, environmental inequality, and economic inequality to council members, the business community, and the non-profit sector
  • Work with the Kentucky Attorney General to ensure the "complete investigative findings" of Breonna Taylor's death, David McAtee's death, and the civil unrest that followed are shared with the public after the investigation. Findings must include a review of the events, the decisions leading to the incidents, and policy review to "ensure those events are never repeated," as well as allowing members of the Council and the media to have a detailed question and answer session.
  • Make available to all staff of Metro Government and cooperate fully with the investigation by the Council.
  • Provide public accounting of all pending investigations by the Public Integrity Unit and Professional Standards Unit
  • Conduct future press briefings in person to "enable unfiltered questioning from the media."
  • Complete a top-to-bottom review of the Louisville Metro Police Department by Dec. 31.
  • Finalize the Fraternal Order of Police contract by Dec. 31 to "ensure Louisville Metro Government can attract and retain the best police officers and hold them fully accountable for their job performance."

The Council states that if Fischer fails to advance these actions, they will take further steps, the plan said.

After the Council voted, Fischer issued a video statement on Twitter, addressing the Council's displeasure of how he handled some of those challenges his city has faced this year.

"With the benefit of hindsight, I see that given the choice of two difficult paths, I have sometimes taken the wrong one," Fischer said in the video. "I sometimes failed to recognize quickly enough where changes needed to be made. And as tonight’s vote makes clear, I have not fostered a productive relationship with all of the Council that's necessary to avoid silos and distractions."

To read the complete list, see below:

Louisville Metro Council List of Actions to Earn City's Trust Back by Sarah Dewberry on Scribd