Man arrested outside Las Vegas casino says he has grenade in his backside

Posted at 1:15 PM, Feb 08, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-08 15:31:18-05

LAS VEGAS — A man was arrested outside of a Las Vegas casino after police say he made several bomb threats, including claiming he had a grenade in his backside, according to local media outlets.

KSNV and KLAS in Las Vegas reported, Brian Gower, 46, faces one count of making threats of conveying false information concerning an act of terrorism in the incident on Friday morning, Feb. 3.

KSNV cited an arrest report in which an officer stated, Gower was wandering in the street near The STRAT Hotel & Casino, threatening to blow up the building.

After police officers made contact with Gower, he allegedly “was saying random things and talking about Joe Rogan and his ex-wife,” the report said. “At one point, Gower stated to [an] officer that he had a grenade in his ass and he wanted to fart.”

Gower allegedly continued making threats, telling officers he was "Joe Rogan 2.0".

Gower also allegedly told police he was an actor seeking to raise awareness about bomb attacks, that he knew Joe Rogan and Kim Jong Un, and that he had been in prison for choking out his ex-wife when she became irritated with him for thinking about mass shootings.

He also allegedly claimed his lawyer was Saul Goodman, a fictional TV character, and made statements about the Illuminati.

According to local media, his first court appearance was scheduled for Tuesday, Feb. 8.