St. George man arrested on rape, kidnapping, assault charges

Arrest Handcuffs
Posted at 3:08 PM, Sep 17, 2023

ST. GEORGE, Utah — A St. George man was arrested and charged with kidnapping, rape, and aggravated assault early Sunday morning in response to a call from the victim's mother, who feared for her daughter's safety.

Thomas Clay Cole was arrested after police arrived at the home he shared with the victim, his wife, and learned that he had assaulted and raped her after an alcohol-fueled argument.

According to the victim's statement, they got into an argument on the way home from an event they attended together, and because of threats he made against her, she hid under a trailer next to the home until he went inside, and then attempted to leave in her car.

Before she could drive away, she said Cole threw her to the ground, dragged her into the house, where he stripped and raped her, then choked her and made threats against her life.

The arresting officer said the victim's injuries seemed to be consistent with this account, and when Cole was questioned about his actions, he said he did not remember but when asked about the threats he made against her life, said "it could have happened."

Because of his extensive criminal history and the belief he is a flight risk, police requested a "no bail" warrant.