Video shows 2 attacks on officers at Salt Lake City International Airport

Posted at 8:38 AM, Mar 22, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-22 18:34:00-04

SALT LAKE CITY — Video released on Monday shows two separate incidents of police officers being attacked at Salt Lake City International Airport recently.

According to a release from the Salt Lake City Police Department, the first incident happened at 3:22 p.m. on February 17, 2022, when a 28-year-old man rushed past TSA officers at the security checkpoint.

Raw video below shows man attacking police officers at the airport

Body cam video shows man attacking officers at SLC Int'l Airport

At the time, an SLCPD officer was nearby and intervened to stop the man. Police said the man resisted and repeatedly punched and kicked the officer. He was eventually arrested. SLCPD forwarded the case to the FBI and the United States Attorney’s Office for federal prosecution.

During their investigation, police say, officers confirmed the suspect was not a ticketed passenger and did not have business at the airport.

The second incident happened around 8:40 a.m. on Saturday March 12, 2022, when a 33-year-old man approached two SLCPD officers as they were walking on patrol and sucker punched one of the officers in the face, unprovoked, according to an SLCPD statement.

Raw video below shows man attacking police officers at the airport

Video shows man attacking police officers at Salt Lake City Int'l Airport

The video shows the suspect hit the officer so hard that his hat flies off his head and he stumbles.

After the punch, the man turned his attention toward the second officer and appeared to throw a second punch but immediately transitioned into a position of surrender and put his hands up. Officers took the man into custody and booked him into the Salt Lake County Metro Jail on a charge of Assaulting a Police Officer.

Arrest documents obtained by FOX 13 News reveal the suspect as John D. Baydo.

“These incidents show a total disregard for basic dignity and respect. This conduct can put our officers, airline passengers and airport employees at risk, and I hope these types of assaults end now,” said Police Chief Mike Brown. “I’d like to recognize and thank our partners at TSA and Salt Lake City International Airport who responded quickly, maintained awareness of the airport during this incident and directed other officers to the scene. Their partnership is vital to maintaining the welcoming, safe and efficient airport we have.”

SLCPD said in 2021, resisting arrest and assaults on police officers in Salt Lake City increased by 16.33%.

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