Experts expect flood of memes meant to spread false information about election

Experts expect flood of memes meant to spread false information about election
Posted at 12:52 PM, Nov 02, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-02 14:52:23-05

Bad actors online are gearing up for the election.

Experts with the cyber security company Check Point are warning that before, during and after Election Day, you could see clever campaigns to cast doubt on accuracy and results of the election.

“You know, in contrast to previous elections, where it's been about very targeted looking to gain access to things, we really think from what we've seen from a research perspective is that it will be a larger attempt to create disruption versus anything else,” said Mark Ostrowski with Check Point.

The software company is warning of a flood of memes on social media. They say the goal is to get so many going and people sharing them that algorithms and admins won’t be able to keep up with taking them down.

The goal is to spread false information or create disruption.

Check Point is sounding the alarm so people can educate themselves and not spread these.

“We even have some of our researchers and instant response folks have even seen some evidence or some type of reliable information where regardless of who wins, there are certain mean themes that are going to be saying, hey, this, this is who the victor is regardless of what the actual results are to again to create this indecision To create this division,” said Ostrowski.

Obviously, you can simply report an image on any social media site and only share credible sources on election information.