Why President Trump thinks Joe Biden is waging a war on suburbs

It's a major theme of this week's Republican Convention
Posted at 5:37 PM, Aug 24, 2020

If you watch the Republican National Convention this week, you will hear claims from Republicans that Joe Biden, if elected, would hurt suburban living.

So what are Republicans talking about?


Republicans are talking about the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Rule, which President Barack Obama and Biden updated in 2015.

Biden has signaled he'd support even further updating of the rule.

The rule basically says that if a town takes federal money, they should examine whether they engage in housing discrimination.

Nothing is mandated, but it generally encourages an examination of whether zoning laws encourage developers to build large, family homes as opposed to more affordable options like an apartment or a condo.

Trump disagrees with that policy and is against the rule.


The issue is being brought up by Republicans because for them, the election will be decided by the suburbs. Cities will generally vote for Biden, rural America will vote for Trump.

How large suburbs vote will determine who is in the White House.

Kim Stewart is an undecided voter living in a suburban community an hour outside of Washington D.C.

"I love having the space, having a yard," Stewart said, talking about why she and her husband moved to the suburbs.

When asked what she thought of more apartments being built in suburbs like hers, Stewart, admitted she didn't like it.

"It would make me feel a little uncomfortable. We enjoy the quiet," Stewart said.


The Biden campaign says what Trump is saying about Joe Biden and the suburbs is a smear campaign, contending the rule is not "abolishing the suburbs" as Trump has said.

There is also another side.

Shantai High is a resident in a D.C. low income housing community. She's lived in her apartment for nearly 19 years.

She says everyone in a low income housing would like more affordable options, in cities and in suburbs.

"It’s tough everywhere. Affordable housing is needed, we are discriminated against," High said.