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FOX 13 Investigates: Satanist author in southern Utah inspires double murder in London

Posted at 9:43 PM, Nov 22, 2021

APPLE VALLEY, Utah — A FOX 13 investigation has revealed new details about a Satanist author in southern Utah whose writings directly inspired the teenage killer of two sisters in London.

Danyal Hussein, 19, was sentenced last month to 35 years in prison for murdering two sisters in London.

A review of police evidence and his online history shows Hussein carried out the killings by following instructions written by author E.A. Koetting.

Koetting’s real name is Matthew Joseph Lawrence. He is 40 years old and lives in Apple Valley, Utah. The author sells books and courses online, claiming to be able to teach others how to harness black magic and “become a living God.”

“You’re about to learn secrets that most people will never know about Godlike power,” Koetting says in a promotional video, currently displayed on Amazon’s website.

FOX 13s Adam Herbets joins Max Roth below to discuss his story in-depth:

In-Depth: Adam Herbets details investigative report on Satanist author

Although there’s no evidence Koetting has ever spoken or met with Hussein, the author’s material openly discusses and promotes murder.

At least one of Koetting’s books prompts readers to follow a specific set of instructions to create a powerful death pact with a demon named “Lucifuge Rofocale.”

Hussein's murders took place in June 2020, when Bibaa Henry was celebrating her 46th birthday with her younger sister Nicole Smallman. The two met up with friends at a local park to have a picnic.

Three days earlier, surveillance video shows Hussein bought knives and candles at a local supermarket.

According to a copy of the written “pact” obtained by police, Hussein had entered into a demonic contract with Lucifuge promising to “sacrifice” a minimum of six people — “only women” — every six months.

In October, a BBC investigation revealed how the killer spent hours online on a satanic forum, describing himself as a “psychic vampire” who learned his “first ever spell” from Koetting.

It’s unclear whether Koetting has ever been under criminal investigation for the content promoted in his books.

“That’s not something that we’re able to answer at this time,” said Deputy Graham Hancock of the Washington County Sheriff’s Office. “We investigate crimes — and what people write, they're going to write. If it does violate any laws, then we would investigate at that time. That would be our only opinion on that matter.”

Koetting was arrested in St. George in 2014. He pleaded guilty to possession of meth, cocaine, LSD, ecstasy, mushrooms, marijuana, and being a restricted person in possession of a firearm.

According to interviews with “End of Days Radio,” Koetting was raised as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints but became more interested in demons as a teenager.

“I grew up in a Mormon household,” Koetting explained. “I’ve always had a push towards the spiritual and the supernatural... We would read the scriptures every night, and as we’d read about these prophets and the miracles that they would perform, I always kind of wanted to look behind it and say, ‘Okay, well how did they do that? What was their method?’”

During the interview, Koetting admits the “black magic” he now teaches can be violent, selfish, and dangerous.

“I don’t care what you use it for,” Koetting said. “I don’t care if you use these curses to kill people or to kill cancer. It doesn’t matter to me."

Koetting’s writings on Lucifuge start with the following “disclaimer:”

“Consider this adult knowledge, and not legal or medical advice. Use this book at your own risk. Become a Living God is not responsible for consequences of actions. This book is for readers of age 18 or older.”

In order to enter a “pact” with Lucifuge, Koetting instructs readers to “sign it in blood.” The writings state that the demon will also sign the contract, but “his signature will be a signature that is visible only to you.”

Police obtained a copy of the contract, showing Hussein’s bloody signature at the bottom and an empty space for Lucifuge to sign.

Koetting’s writings also state that readers should ask for money as part of the agreement.

“Include in your pact the attainment of wealth. Use your sorcery to become wealthy... Money is power," he writes.

Hussein’s pact shows he asked Lucifuge to help him “Win the Mega Millions Super Jackpot.”

Police found that Hussein also purchased lottery tickets.

FOX 13 tried to speak with Koetting at his home in Apple Valley. His door is painted red and black, displaying the numbers “666.”

Koetting did not answer. He also has not responded to phone calls from FOX 13.

Rick Alan Ross, the founder and executive director of the nonprofit Cult Education Institute, has been researching destructive cults for approximately 30 years.

He said he does not believe Koetting is a cult leader.

“Well, in my opinion, he comes across as a conman,” Ross said. “What I see is a salesman. An actor. He’s costumed. He wears makeup, and he’s basically trying to project an attractive, magnetic image so he can pull people in and then make money off of them.”

Facebook and YouTube have removed Koetting from their platforms.

Koetting's material remains on Amazon. A spokesperson for the company declined to comment.

“Do you think that's acceptable?” asked FOX 13 investigative reporter Adam Herbets.

“No, I don’t,” Ross said. “They should be policing their platforms, and I hope Amazon will take action as soon as possible... That’s the scary thing. How do you monitor your kids and make sure that they’re not connecting with someone like Koetting?”

Ross said he hopes Koetting can be “held responsible” in some way and urged police to monitor him closely.

“But what can you do about someone like Koetting? You cannot arrest him for his beliefs,” Ross said. “These people [like Hussein] are deeply disturbed, very easily influenced, and then they come into the orbit of someone like Koetting who then becomes their ignition point.”

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