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University of Utah names new managing director in response to FOX 13 investigation

Posted at 5:24 PM, Jun 08, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-09 01:33:28-04

SALT LAKE CITY — Less than a week after a FOX 13 Investigation exposed grandiose lies on a University of Utah executive's resume, the school has named his temporary replacement.

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Diane Parisi is now the "acting managing director" of Pioneer Theatre Company.

According to her LinkedIn page, Parisi has worked for the school's theater since 1994. She has served as the director of development since 1998.

Meanwhile, Christopher Massimine is still listed on the University of Utah's website as "managing director" of Pioneer Theatre Company.

A spokesperson for the University of Utah confirmed Massimine is still employed, on "approved personal leave."

FOX 13 found Massimine to have repeatedly lied about his work experience, advertising himself as a major player in the theater, television, film, advertising, video game, and music industries.

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Among the false information, Massimine states he received the "Humanitarian of the Year" award and an "honorary key to the city" in Washington D.C. from an organization that does not exist. The same medal can be purchased online for $4.25.

A former University of Utah employee at confirms Massimine used public money to pay for that trip.

Massimine also states he worked as an advertising guru for Old Spice, Coca-Cola, and KFC campaigns. He also claims to have been a producer on Resident Evil and Final Fantasy video games.

He has not returned multiple FOX 13 requests for comment.

The university confirmed Jonathan West with the search firm "Management Consultants for the Arts" was paid $35,928 to perform a background check on candidates. He has declined to comment.

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