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Water for Wildlife: Dire consequences of a shrinking Great Salt Lake

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Posted at 11:27 AM, Apr 17, 2023

The Great Salt Lake Collaborative has created an interactive website to help Utahns understand the critical role Great Salt Lake and its wetlands play in the ecosystem that is crucial to 10 million birds.

Called “Water for Wildlife: Dire consequences of a shrinking Great Salt Lake,” the project uses stunning images, audio, video and text to answer questions including: Why is the lake shrinking? Why does it matter to wildlife? What birds rely on the lake? What are the solutions?

It was created for a general audience to help Utahns understand the crucial role the lake plays in Utah’s ecosystem. Its visuals and clear writing also appeals to children.

While Utah is benefiting from a historically large snowpack that has helped the lake rise 3 feet this winter, that doesn’t mean the lake’s problems are solved. It reached an historic low last November and needs an additional 7 feet to reach a healthy level.

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