On 'Quitter's Day,' Taylorsville gym helps clients stay on track with fitness

Posted at 6:51 AM, Jan 13, 2023
and last updated 2023-01-13 08:51:25-05

TAYLORSVILLE, Utah — A Utah gym is encouraging its members to stick to their New Year’s goals.

The second Friday in the month of January is typically referred to as “quitter's day.” It is the day when a majority of people quit on the goals they set for New Year’s resolutions.

The team at EoS Fitness says it takes time for a healthy habit to become part of someone’s daily routine.

“How do we get to the point where it's second nature,” said Chris Foster, a district manager for EoS Fitness. “That’s going to be – the research shows – that’s around the 66-day mark.”

That’s why Foster and the trainers at EoS Fitness work with their clients to stay the course – doing so can be life-changing.

“When I was younger, before I became a personal trainer, I was overweight and eating badly and I was not living a healthy lifestyle,” Foster said. “My fitness went to a whole other level and I made a whole career out of this and I’ve been able to change countless lives because I got that gym membership.”

Trainers start by helping gym goers find the reason behind their goals.

“We help them identify that ‘deeper why’ and then we set goals around that ‘deeper why,’” Foster said.

Personal training can benefit newcomers to the gym by encouraging accountability while helping people understand exercises and a fitness plan.

“It’s kind of like how we learn math and English in school,” Foster said. “Coming in here we are learning a new subject of how to train properly. People just don’t know and they eventually give up on themselves.”

Gymgoer Candice Newland stuck to her fitness goals and has been working out consistently for years.

“We have our off days,” she said, “‘Everybody has those days where they say, ‘I don’t feel like going.’ I totally have that. If you tell yourself it's a mental game, you say, ‘this is important to me.’ You stick to it.”

Anybody who sets a fitness goal should realize success doesn’t happen overnight, but small everyday gains are a reason to celebrate progress toward a bigger goal.

“If we were in here three to four days per week for maybe 45 to 75 minutes at a time. If we are able to stay consistent with that, in the long run, it adds up to a lot more,” Foster said.

Working out is just one part of a fitness plan. Fitness, nutrition, rest and daily habits work together to create a healthy lifestyle.