How cute! Detroit Zoo welcomes baby wallaby, estimated between 5-6 months old

Posted at 6:19 AM, May 07, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-07 08:19:41-04

(WXYZ) — The Detroit Zoo has welcomed a new joey – a wallaby that was born a few months ago.

According to the zoo, 4-year-old red-necked wallaby Sprocket gave birth to her first joey.

The joey is estimated to be between 5 and 6 months old, and zoo officials say it is just starting to leave Sprocket's pouch for seconds at a time.

Zoo officials say wallaby joeys can stay in their moms' pouches for up to eight months after gestation.

According to the zoo, the joey is healthy and well-cared for. They will find out whether it is a boy or a girl in the coming weeks and months.