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130 new bills signed into law by Utah's governor

Posted at 9:32 PM, Mar 17, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-17 23:39:40-04

SALT LAKE CITY — Governor Spencer Cox signed 130 bills into law Wednesday night, including a big boost in affordable housing and a repeal of the state tax on Social Security income.

They are the latest batch of bills he has approved that were passed by the Utah State Legislature during its 45-day session that ended earlier this month. Some of the other big bills include:

  • An expansion of the state's Murdered, Missing Indigenous Women & Girls Task Force.
  • Bills that increase homeless services and affordable housing in the state (lawmakers funded about $50 million for it).
  • A requirement that Utah colleges and universities develop campus safety plans.
  • Bills that increase the number of medical cannabis dispensaries and allow more health care providers to recommend it to qualifying patients.
  • A bill to create a task force to deal with food insecurity across Utah.
  • Bonuses for teachers who have been working during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here's the complete list of bills signed into law on Wednesday:

Social Security Tax Amendments. Brooks, W.

Driver Education Amendments. Ballard, M.

Statewide Aquatic Invasive Species Emergency Response Plan. Stratton, K.

Energy Balancing Account Amendments. Albrecht, C.

Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women and Girls Task Force. Romero, A.

Education Agency Report Process Amendments. Pulsipher, S.

Insurance Revisions. Dunnigan, J.

Aviation Liability Insurance Amendments. Acton, C.

Notice of Public Education Reporting Requirement. Pulsipher, S.

Epinephrine Auto-injector Access Amendments. Harrison, S.

Homeless Youth Protection Amendments. Weight, E.

Canine Injury Amendments. Christiansen, S.

Education Immunization Modifications. Strong, M.

Division of Real Estate Amendments. Musselman, C.

Criminal Justice Modifications. Lisonbee, K.

Juvenile Recodification. Snow, V.

Juvenile Code Recodification Cross References. Snow, V.

Nurse Practice Act Amendments. Welton, D.

Reporting Requirements for Local Education Agencies. Pulsipher, S.

Emergency Medical Services Revisions. Johnson, D.

Division of Consumer Protection Amendments. Dunnigan, J.

Amusement Ride Safety Amendments. Hawkes, T.

High Poverty Schools Teacher Bonus Program Amendments. Winder, M.

Alimony Amendments. Teuscher, J

Civic Thought and Leadership Initiative. Burton, J.

Adult Learners Grant Program. Snow, V.

Expungement Revisions. Pierucci, C.

Medicaid Fraud Control Unit Amendments. Last, B.

Medicaid Amendments. Eliason, S.

Special Needs Training for Law Enforcement Amendments. Eliason, S

Investment Fees Amendments. Robertson, A

Suicide Prevention Amendments. Eliason, S.

Child Mental Health Amendments. Eliason, S.

School Resource Officers Amendments. Hollins, S.

Natural Resources Entities Amendments. Snider, C.

Homeless Services Amendments. Eliason, S.

Economic Development Amendments. Hawkes, T.

Mental Health Records Confidentiality Amendments. Eliason, S.

State Identification Amendments. Lesser, R.

Barber Licensing Amendments. Lyman, P.

Workers' Compensation Revisions. Hawkes, T.

Guardianship Amendments. Spendlove, R.

Dental Billing Amendments. Dunnigan, J.

Telephone Solicitation Amendments. Barlow, S.

School Bus Inspection Amendments. Musselman, C.

Alcoholic Beverage Control Amendments. Waldrip, S.

Start Smart Utah Breakfast Program Amendments. Johnson, D.

Conviction Reduction Amendments. Teuscher, J.

Restrictive Covenants Amendments. Winder, M.

Agriculture Amendments. Handy, S.

Education Standards Review Committee Amendments. Last, B.

Medical Examiner Revisions. Ward, R.

Grow Your Own Teacher and School Counselor Pipeline Program. Moss, J.

Flag Display Amendments. Gwyn, M.

Medicaid Recovery Amendments. Birkeland, K.

Apprenticeship Nomenclature Act. Winder, M.

  • HB 399

Approval of Nonhazardous Solid or Hazardous Waste Facilities. Hawkes, T.

School Transportation Funding Amendments. Johnson, D.

Utah Immigration Assistance Center. Ferry, J.

Marriage Revisions. Ballard, M.

Redistricting Revisions. Ray, P.

Intensive Services Pilot Program. Judkins, M.

Education Monitoring and Funds Management Amendments. Snow, V.

Therapy Animals Amendments. Judkins, M.

Supplemental Educator Covid-19 Stipend Amendments. Last, B.

Concurrent Resolution Encouraging Development of a Statewide Anti-littering Campaign. Acton, C.

Concurrent Resolution Recognizing Utah's Clerks and Election Workers for Their Performance Related to Utah's 2020 Election. Briscoe, J.

Concurrent Resolution Recognizing August 31 as Overdose Awareness Day. Eliason, S.

Concurrent Resolution Supporting Extension and Expansion of the Radiation Exposure Compensation Act. Owens, D.

Concurrent Resolution Supporting Creation of the Utah State University Institute of Land, Water, and Air. Snider, C.

Concurrent Resolution Celebrating the Contributions of Multilingual and Multicultural Families to Utah Schools. Johnson, D.

Concurrent Resolution in Support of Criminal Justice Restoration and Reform. Stratton, K.

Law Enforcement Internal Investigation Requirements. Iwamoto, J.

Physician Assistant Act Amendments. Bramble, C.

Physician Assistant Mental Health Practice Amendments. Bramble, C.

Public Infrastructure District Revisions. McCay, D.

Controlled Substance Database Access. Weiler, T.

Use of Force Amendments, Thatcher, D.

Pharmacy Benefit Amendments. Vickers, E.

Task Force on Food Security. Escamilla, L.

Public Education Funding Amendments. Fillmore, L.

Revenue Bond and Capital Facilities Amendments. Wilson, C.

  • SB 145

Military Family Education Amendments. Millner, A.

  • SB 146

Emissions Testing Amendments. Bramble, C.

  • SB 147

Confinement of Egg-laying Hens. Sandall, S.

Public Education Modifications. Grover, K.

Government Records Access and Management Act Judicial Review Amendments. Weiler, T.

Governmental Immunity Act Notice of Claim Amendments. Weieler, T.

Vehicle Load Penalties Amendments. Iwamoto, J.

Teacher Salary Supplement Program Amendments. Sandall, S.

Criminal Offense Amendments. Davis, Gene.

Law Enforcement Data Management Requirements. Anderegg, J.

State Audit Amendments. Buxton, D.

Campus Safety Amendments. Iwamoto, J.

Utah Housing Affordability Amendments. Anderegg, J.

Sex Offender Registry Revisions. Weiler, T.

State Holiday Amendments. Milner, Ann.

School and Institutional Trust Fund Office Amendments. Wilson, C.

Consumer Protection for Cannabis Patients. Escamilla, L.

Medical Records Amendments. Mayne, K.

Mineral Lease Funds Amendments. Winterton, R.

Pharmacy Practice Revisions. Vickers, E.

Education Deadline and Fiscal Flexibility. Fillmore, L.

DUI Probation Amendments. Mayne, K.

Driver License Suspension Revisions. Mayne, K

Department of Government Operations. Millner, A.

Department of Government Operations - Cross Reference Changes. Milner, A.

School Assessment and Accountability Amendments. Riebe, K.

Anti-boycott Israel Amendments. Stevenson, J.

Tobacco Retailer Amendments. Vickers, E.

Law Enforcement Modifications. Bramble, C.

Medical Cannabis Act Amendments. Vickers, E.

Higher Education Performance Funding. Millner, A.

Law Enforcement Agency Disclosure Amendments. Iwamoto, J.

Balance Billing Amendments. Mayne, K.

Water Amendments. McKell, M.

Public Notice Amendments. Mayne, K.

License Plate Modifications. Milner, A.

Child Care Background Check Modifications. Anderegg, J.

Aviation Amendments. Harper, W.

Truancy Enforcement Moratorium. McCay, D.

Public Official and State Capitol Protection Amendments. Ipson, D.

Fund of Funds Amendments. Sandall, S.

Genetic Information Privacy Act. Bramble, C.

Statewide Online Education Program Amendments. Cullimore, K.

County Recreational Area Amendments. Bramble, C.

Student Religious Accommodations Amendments. Kennedy, M.

Child and Family Services Investigative Amendments. Stevenson, J.

County Jails Amendments. Owens, D.

Concurrent Resolution Recognizing Utah's Important Relationship with Western Governors University. McKell, M.