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Good Samaritan rescues family from balcony in Sandy Apartment fire

The fire affected 24 units
Posted at 6:34 PM, Nov 05, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-06 07:31:14-05

SANDY, Utah — An apartment fire broke out in Sandy Thursday evening, affecting 24 units and displacing renters within the building.

Fire crews responded to 9551 Brandy Spring Lane, the Windmill Cove Apartments.

Once the fire began, Deputy Chief Ryan McConaghie explained that it quickly spread across the breezeway, trapping a family who lives across the hall.

Mother and daughter Veronica and Sharon Davidson said they were home with Veronica's three kids when they realized the building was on fire.

"We heard a thump on the wall between the apartments and then a 'pop,'" Sharon recounted. "And [Veronica] went to go towards the door at one point, and I saw smoke coming in and I said, 'Don't touch that door.'"

Veronica called 911 while Sharon opened the balcony door so she could gather Veronica's 10-month old baby, and 3-year old and 6-year old children.

"I got the kids up, got the two older children to the balcony and then I went back and got the youngest in the crib," Sharon said.

"I was standing on the balcony with the kids, I was yelling at people that were actually on the bottom," Veronica continued.

As the family called out for help, Veronica said workers who were hanging lights came running.

"He brought his two ladders over and helped all of us out the balcony... It's me, and my mom, and my three children," she said. "My kids are still dazed, they're still scared."

They both expressed how grateful they are for the help to get to everyone to safety.

The Sandy Fire Department explained that no one was hurt, but they are still trying to track down the person who lives in the apartment where the fire started on the third floor. McConaghie said they heard reports that she left with her dog when it broke out.

The fire engulfed the third floor, and McConaghie said everyone in the building was displaced because of smoke and water damage on the floors below. He said the Red Cross is helping those families find a place to stay.

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